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Interactive Cross Reference v1.1b - turns C code into a cross referenced database, nice tool.
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Interactive Cross Reference v1.1b – turns C code into a cross referenced database, nice tool.
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Contents of the IXREF.TXT file

San Jose, Ca, April 1993 -- Orange Software announces the availability of
Interactive Cross Reference (IXREF) tool, Version 1.1. This software
is designed for software engineers, programmers who are interested in
software reuse and program understanding.

IXREF turns C or C++ code into a cross referencing database. It lets
users interactively search and browse through their programs. The primary
goal of this software to help users better understand their source code and
enable them to reuse their software. It has:

* simple point-and-click actions using the mouse or keyboard for

* fast database load time.

* easy-to-use interface with standard menu and status line
layout. If you have used Borland IDE, Microsoft PWB, Windows,
OS/2, or the Apple Macintosh before, you can master this software
interface in seconds.

* quick, powerful keyboard interface that supports all of the
mouse functions. This is especially useful for the power

user who appreciates the fast and elegant single key stroke

* support for multiple windows and multiple project databases.

* IBM PC or clone with at least 512K memory.

* EGA/VGA 43/50-line screen
* Mouse
* running under Windows or OS/2 as a DOS program.

Limitations and Suggestions for use:
Since this software runs under DOS, the database size is limited.
In a system with 450 Kbytes of free conventional memory, it can handle
150 Kbytes or more of source code. It can handle demo source files
from various compiler vendors. Thus, it is an excellent tool for learn
the examples from Borland's TVSION, Microsoft's MFC, etc.

IXREF is also capable of examing its own source code (<120K of C++ code).
Guess what I used in IXREF's development process? 🙂

I don't plan on writing my own virtual memory manager for IXREF at this
time. I plan to wait for a cheap DMPI extender that will fix the DOS

I am currently working on the IXREF for Windows. The core of the IXREF
database engine is already running under Windows. The size of its database
is limited only by the Windows virtual memory. I will release it as shareware
as soon as the GUI is complete.

Registration Fee:
Ixref is shareware. Please send $35 (US) to register your copy
of the software. The registration entitles you to support via
CompuServe and one major upgrade of the software.

If you send me the registration before I release the Windows version,
I'll send you the registered Windows version for free!!! IXREF for Windows's
registration fee will be separates from the DOS version and will cose more.
( Hurry and register you DOS version soon! )

For those people or companies with large resources ($), the
source, object, and design of this program is available for OEM,
VAR, etc. Please inquire.

To software developers:
If you send out any source code to your customers, you're welcome
to send a copy of this software along with all the text files.
You should let your customers know that they should register IXREF
if it is used extensively.

General Information about the program:
This program is developed completely in C++ using the latest in
object oriented persistent database technology. If you are developing
a similar type of project or GUI, I (the developer of this program)
am available for contract or consulting service.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions related to
this program, please feel free to:

email me (Tony Lee) at CompuServe: 72064,1235
or give me a call at: 510-657-5668

Please use e-mail if possible.

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