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"C" source for book "C Database Development".
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“C” source for book “C Database Development”.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AZDBMS.BAT 1153 357 deflated
BTREE.C 21848 5080 deflated
CBS.C 103 45 deflated
CBS.SCH 1390 442 deflated
CDATA.H 3595 1242 deflated
CIDBMS.BAT 2178 502 deflated
CLIST.C 3797 1296 deflated
DATABASE.C 12383 3295 deflated
DATAFILE.C 3143 866 deflated
DBINIT.C 613 338 deflated
DBLIST.C 928 443 deflated
DBSIZE.C 1567 683 deflated
DLDBMS.BAT 1469 393 deflated
DS.C 779 420 deflated
ECDBMS.BAT 900 297 deflated
ELLIST.C 875 446 deflated
INDEX.C 1048 548 deflated
INVOICE.C 622 358 deflated
KEYS.H 480 185 deflated
LCDBMS.BAT 856 324 deflated
LTDBMS.BAT 966 321 deflated
MSDBMS.BAT 975 365 deflated
PAYMENTS.C 1324 622 deflated
POSTTIME.C 2316 895 deflated
QD.C 5229 1572 deflated
README 2310 1013 deflated
SCHEMA.C 11527 3282 deflated
SCREEN.C 8201 2554 deflated
SYS.C 1440 526 deflated
TCDBMS.BAT 1018 298 deflated
WZDBMS.BAT 1334 360 deflated

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Contents of the README file

August, 1987

This diskette contains the source and exe files for the programs in
"C Data Base Development", Al Stevens, 1987, MIS:Press.

This book carries the concepts of software tools beyond those of the my
first book into the data base management system. Included are the source
code for a relational DBMS, a description of data base concepts, and a
primer on data base design. The source code is available on diskette
for nine different PC C Compilers (Aztec, CI-C86, Datalight, Eco-C88,
Lattice, Let's C, Microsoft C, Turbo C, Wizard C).

To order the book, call 1-800-MANUALS.


Other books by the author:

C Development Tools for the IBM PC, Brady, 1986

This book contains C source code and descriptions for menus, data entry
screens, a terminal driver, file management, b-trees, file sorting, and
cache memory. The source code is available on diskette from the author.
Seven PC C compilers are supported (Aztec, DeSmet, Lattice, Eco-C88,
Let's C, Microsoft C, Turbo C).

Turbo C:Memory-Resident Utilities, Screen I/O and Advanced Programming
Techniques, MIS:Press, 1987

This book uses the unique features of Turbo C to implement a complete
video window package. The package includes support for context-sensitive
help, pop-down menus, data entry templates, and a window text editor.

The book also explains the concepts of Terminate-and-Stay-Resident
(TSR) utility programs under DOS. Example TSR programs are provided, and
a TSR driver program is included that allows you to build your own TSR
programs in Turbo C.

QuickC:Memory-Resident Utilities, Screen I/O and Advanced Programming
Techniques, MIS:Press, 1988

A QuickC version of the Turbo C book.

Order from the publisher at 1-800-MANUALS.

--------------- Copyright 1987, Al Stevens and MIS:Press ---------------------

The source code on this diskette is protected by Copyright laws. You may
exchange the source code and you may develop programs using the code that you
sell or otherwise distribute to other parties. You may not charge more than
reasonable copy costs for copies of the source code, and you may not
publish the source code except on a Bulletin Board Service (BBS).

Al Stevens

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