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Miscelaneous Turbo C Programs.
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Miscelaneous Turbo C Programs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIOSHAND.ASM 1249 457 deflated
INTVID.ASM 1366 493 deflated
INTVID.H 394 154 deflated
RCLOCK.C 8142 3025 deflated
RCLOCK.EXE 1924 1188 deflated
RDIR.C 24006 7105 deflated
RDIR.EXE 4484 2673 deflated
README 1135 497 deflated
TCOD.C 4560 1769 deflated
TCOD.EXE 9604 5726 deflated

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Contents of the README file


These programs were written to demonstrate the usability of the new
Turbo C compiler from Borland International. A third program allows
source code to be mixed in a listing with the assembly code it creates.


bioshand.asm used to support rclock.c
intvid.asm used to support rclock.c
intvid.h included by rclock.c

rclock.c c source for resident on-screen clock
rclock.exe exe file for resident on-screen clock

rdir.c c source for resident directory
rdir.exe exe file for resident directory

tcod.c c source for c/asm source lister
tcod.exe exe file for c/asm source lister

readme this file


These programs are marginally useful, and may (probably) have bugs.
They were written mainly for education/demo purposes, and are
here so you can see how easy it is using Turbo C. The programs are
commented, which is the extent of the documentation.

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