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Special Unicorn Windows library (see also ctb100.arc) for Turbo C.
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Special Unicorn Windows library (see also ctb100.arc) for Turbo C.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This file contains the latest information and other notes concerning
the Unicorn Window Library (version 1.10).

The manual contained on the disk is a partial manual but enough is
there to make the library usable. The full manual is available to
all registered users in a preprinted fully formatted 3 ring binder.
The manual will be updated with new versions along with the library
and manual updates will be sent to all manual owners who update.
The manual on this disk is NOT formated.

This is the first release of the window library so your feedback will
affect the future course of development of this library. Currently
the author plans to add various menu styles and data entry forms in the
near future. Look for further releases under the name UCWxxx.ARC where
the xxx is the release number.

Unicorn Windows is released as shareware to the general computer community.
This simply means you are free to use the library or pass it on to third
parties (provided no fee of any kind is involved, except for legitimate
user groups a fee of up to $7.00 may be charged for copying). The library
remains copyrighted. If you find it of use you are requested to register
your copy with the author (see the file register.frm). Registration is
required for any commercial use of the library. Upon registration you may
use the library for any program you write for general distribution without
payment of any royalties or other fees. The source code provided to all
registered users is NOT public domain, please do not distribute this or
copies of the full manual provided to registered users. Shareware is an
important part of the computer community please do your part to encourage
and protect this important asset to the community.

Release 2.00 will have available an optional assembler module that may
be used to speed up the library. While this will result in faster
windows, a degree of portability would be lost. It is currently
anticipated that release 2.00 will occur about Jan 88 and contain
about twice as many functions as this release.

This library is written entirely in C for ease of understanding by users.
It is hoped users will not only be able to use the library in their own
software projects but those who so wish will be able to learn from the
code also. The author does attempt to comment code liberally.

At present the source code can not be assembled with Microsoft C although
this will be changed in version 2.00 also. The problem lies with only one
function call that will have to be changed.

The program ucw_demo on the disk will illustrate some of the capablities
of the current release. The source code for this program is included
as it will aid users in library usage.

Look at the file named register.frm for registration information. All
registered users will receive full source code for the library and a
complete manual.

Currently there is only one formatted input function for obtaining user
input from the keyboard with windows. The next release will have a
variety of input functions being developed now for use with menus and
data forms.

19 Oct 87
Several changes were made which were inadvertantly left in the code
for version 1.00. The only important change in regards to users is
the change made to fully implement the monochrome operation. A key
section of code was missing and the monochrome windows for version
1.00 would not pop down from the screen.

Currently the library will not detect an EGA. The video memory variable
(v_start) will thus be set wrong, it will assume a CGA and be set to
0x0b800. To run the library with an EGA use the following:

v_start = 0x0a00; /* this line will set the start of video memory
for an EGA. This approach should work for
other adapters but has not been tested. As
the author has no EGA this has not been tested
for that adapter either. */


Thanks for your interest in Unicorn Windows, we hope you find it of use
in your own work and look for the arrival of the menu and data form
additions. Coming soon (spring 1988) to a board near you.

Dave Miller

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