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Maintenance release 1.02 of the EZ-DB Turbo C programmer's databasing library. Fast efficient and easy to use.
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Maintenance release 1.02 of the EZ-DB Turbo C programmer’s databasing library. Fast efficient and easy to use.
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Contents of the README file

November 29, 1990
Original release of version 1.00 of EZDB

Information previously addressed here has been written into the EZDB.DOC

January 16, 1991
Release of version 1.01 of EZDB

Problems resolved from 1.00 are:

EZDB.H header file with function prototypes included with distribution 'zip'

ez_create and ez_open functions could not handle path names being passed to
them. Strictly single, 8 character file names were accepted. This has
been resolved.

Original documentation, and this read me file did not mention that this
library is presently for use with ONLY Turbo C++. Some problems have
been incurred during use with Turbo C 2.0. This is being remedied, and
will be fixed, and available in the next release.

February 13, 1991
Development continues...

More pathname problems were found in some functions so these too, have
been resolved.

The ez_create function was previously prototyped as
int ez_create(int recordlen, char *filename, int keysize)
and it was suggested that putting the file name first, then record length
and key length would make more sense. I agreed, and changed it. The new
prototype is int ez_create(char *filename, int recordlen, int keysize).

February 16, 1991
Maintenance release 1.02


We are still examining the problem with Turbo C 2.0 and hope to have it
resolved soon. Also, we are planning on providing a Microsoft C library
with the distributable ZIP file in the very near future.

Other upcoming features include:

o More file manipulation functions such as erase, copy, move, rename,

o A data file definition program with report generator

o much more...

Please let me know what you would like to see!

Questions, bug reports, or comments, should be directed to the author
via any of the following methods.

Good old pony express (the U.S. Mail)

any of the nationally echoed BBS carried C Programming Conferances.

direct email at the Token Ring BBS (201) 546-1468,
the Designed Letters BBS (201) 299-7914 or
the Qexchange BBS (813) 653-2937

Finally, if all else fails, and you have to talk to me, call me via
voice phone, but, NO COLLECT CALLS please.

Tim Sheets
298 Jackson Ave.
West Paterson, NJ 07424
(201) 742-2618

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