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A package to make programming with xlib easier.
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A package to make programming with xlib easier.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Hi Xlib'ers.

Ive had a lot of requests for bitmap conversion utilities so I have decided
to release some of the tools I use in conjunction with xlib.

Many of you often ask what the best sprite editor to use for creating images
for your graphics libraries right ? Well, my opinion is that you should use
the paint programs that are commercially available since they have all the
features you could ever want - many of which aren't implemented in small
public domain sprite editors, further more, you can choose the one you feel
most comfortable with.

To assist in the creation of bitmaps for use with XLIB, I have put together
a TSR program that captures bitmaps from within your favourite editor. It may
be a little quirky but it does a good job IMO. It also has the ability to
capture palettes and entire 13h screens. BTW: XTSRTOOL will not work under
windows, only DOS based paint programs.

The XLIBTOOL archive also contains bitmap conversion programs and a couple
of other goodies you may find useful.

These tools were created in an adhoc fashion and were never intended for
prime time so excuse the lack of documentation and the quick and dirty
structure of the code.

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