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A simple PD C Cross-Reference utility.
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A simple PD C Cross-Reference utility.
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XC - A 'C' Concordance (Crossref) Utility

Version 1.0 January, 1982

Copyright (c) 1982 by Philip N. Hisley

Philip N. Hisley
548H Jamestown Court
Edgewood, Maryland 21040
(301) 679-4606

Released for non-commercial distribution only

Converted to IBM/PC CI/C86 by David N. Smith, May/June 1983

David N. Smith
44 Ole Musket Lane
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 748-5934

Changes Copyright (c) 1983 by David N. Smith

PC Enhancements include:

1) Nested #INCLUDE statements
2) Single spaced cross-reference list
3) Removal of tabbing on output device
(Since many printers don't support it)
4) #INCLUDE statements with both "xx" and
syntax and with a full fileid in the quotes.


'XC' is a cross-reference utility for 'C' programs.
Its has the ability to handle nested include files
to a depth of 8 levels and properly processes nested
comments as supported by BDS C. Option flags support
the following features:

- Routing of list output to disk
- Cross-referencing of reserved words
- Processing of nested include files
- Generation of listing only

Usage: xc

Flags: -i = Enable file inclusion
-l = Generate listing only
-r = Cross-ref reserved words
-o = Write output to named file

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