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Getopt ported to PC from UNIX. Includes C source code.
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Getopt ported to PC from UNIX. Includes C source code.
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Contents of the README file

This is a collection of getopt(3) programs and related stuff.

For those of you who don't know what getopt is, it is a routine that
is in very common usage on many Unix systems that provides very good
general coverage for command-line-argument processing. There are a few
things it doesn't do (but not many), so it will probably serve (nearly)
all your needs. It is useful in two regards: 1) for porting Unix
programs to other environments (especially MS-DOS) without necessitating
the re-inventing of the wheel, and 2) for providing a standard interface
to the command-line.

The file getopt.att is the PUBLIC DOMAIN getopt.c as distributed by
AT&T (apparently in 1987). The file getoptx.c is the same module with
some enhancements by Bill Davidsen. The files getopt.c and
are the nroff source and the human-readable man pages for getoptx.
Unfortunately, I do not have a public domain man page for the original
AT&T getopt. However, if one can read between the lines a bit one can
certainly figure out what the diffrerences are between the two versions.
The other files are, I think, self-explanatory.

As far as I can tell from reading this stuff it is entirely in the
public domain, so enjoy it!

Fred C. Smith

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