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Routines for Extended Keyboard access. Source code for Turbo C.
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Routines for Extended Keyboard access. Source code for Turbo C.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


The enclosed Turbo-C function, 'BIOSKEYE', gives the ability to access
an IBM PCs Enhanced Keyboard's F11 and F12 keys from within a
Turbo-C application.

Although I have not yet tested this function on a PC without and
Enhanced Keyboard, from all I have read, it may lock your system.
It is therefore YOUR responsability to check the compatability
of this function on the executing system. I recently downloaded a
couple of functions that check and verify the existence of an
Enhanced Keyboard. The file on the Cricket BBS is KYBDEXT.ZIP.


README.DOC - This file.
BIOSKEYE.C - Source for BIOSKEYE Turbo-C function.
BIOSKEYE.H - Header file for BIOSKEYE containing BIOSKEYE prototype.
BIOSKEYE.DOC - Description of BIOSKEYE function and it's usage.
DEMO.EXE - Demo utility showing usage of BIOSKEYE.
DEMO.C - Turbo-C source for demo using BIOSKEYE function.
DEMO.PRJ - Turbo-C++ Project File for compiling DEMO Utility.
DEMO.PR2 - Turbo-C 2.0 Project File for compiling DEMO Utility.


There is no guarantee that BIOSKEYE will work correctly in all
situations, and in no event will I, the author, be liable for
any damages arising from the use or misuse of this function.
BIOSKEYE is FREEware and may be distributed and copied by
anyone, anywhere, at any time.


Ray Pathman
Monterey, CA.

Please send any comments and/or suggestions to me at:

Cricket BBS
(408) 373-3773

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