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Display ANSI pictures in a TCXL window.
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Display ANSI pictures in a TCXL window.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANSDEMO.C 442 272 deflated
ANSDEMO.EXE 72214 37214 deflated
ANSDEMO.MAK 589 230 deflated
FACE.ANS 11240 1416 deflated
PUTANSI.C 12069 2277 deflated
PUTANSI.TXT 1286 618 deflated
SCHROEDE.ANS 3674 827 deflated
SNOOPY.ANS 2248 552 deflated

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Contents of the PUTANSI.TXT file

This Zipfile includes :

- putansi.c subroutine used to display ANSI files in a window
- ansdemo.c example call program
- ansdemo.exe working example. type: 'ansdemo '
- schroede.ans example ANSI file for 80x25 window
- snoopy.ans example ANSI file for 80x25 window, using 'animation'
- face.ans example ANSI file for 43x80 or 50x80 windows (EGA/VGA)
(set your system to 43/50 lines first, or you'll just
get to see the upper half of the picture distorted)

The subroutine can be used to display an ANSI picture in a window or
virtual window, using TCXL 5.X or better.
It is capable of displaying ANSI files created with all kinds
of drawing programs, like THEDRAW or ANSIDRAW, and it also
accepts the output of the GIF-to-ANSI converter.

The 'schroeder' and 'snoopy' ansi files are not mine, I just downloaded
them somewhere. The 'face' ansi is a converted fragment of DS-F-053.GIF.

The source can be used freely. It is donated to the Public Domain.
If you use the routine in any of your programs, please drop me a
line in the International CXL area (fidonet), addressed to

Peter Van.Zeeland

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