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Some simple C programs. Good for beginners to get a feel of C.
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Some simple C programs. Good for beginners to get a feel of C.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABOUT.C 3456 1153 deflated
ABOUT.DAT 7424 1545 deflated
ABOUT.EXE 11776 5920 deflated
AMORTIZ1.C 1408 522 deflated
AMORTIZ2.C 768 360 deflated
AMORTIZ3.C 1536 491 deflated
AMORTIZE.EXE 17408 9339 deflated
AMORTPRN.EXE 18944 10082 deflated
BACKUP.C 1024 392 deflated
BACKUP.EXE 14336 7417 deflated
C.DOC 1408 705 deflated
CLS.C 256 114 deflated
DOSDATE.C 384 185 deflated
DOSTIME.C 1536 509 deflated
FILES429.TXT 2601 1100 deflated
GETPOS.C 256 167 deflated
INTEREST.C 2176 684 deflated
LOCATE.C 256 122 deflated
LYNN.DOC 3712 1322 deflated
LYNN.LIB 4608 808 deflated
MAT.H 4096 330 deflated
MATRIX.3L 4096 1145 deflated
MATRIX.S 12288 3061 deflated
MENU.C 1408 522 deflated
M_COFACT.C 4096 336 deflated
M_COPY.C 4096 254 deflated
M_DETERM.C 4096 255 deflated
M_DUMP.C 4096 262 deflated
M_INVERT.C 4096 335 deflated
M_MULTIP.C 4096 377 deflated
M_READ.C 4096 268 deflated
M_SOLVE.C 4096 437 deflated
M_TRANSP.C 4096 259 deflated
OUTSTNG.C 384 271 deflated
PRINT.C 768 372 deflated
PRINT.EXE 14336 7399 deflated
PRINTAB.C 2048 901 deflated
PRINTAB.EXE 12800 6560 deflated
PRTSCN.C 128 74 deflated
PYMT.C 768 360 deflated
SETHAYES.C 1920 758 deflated
STRINGS.C 10752 2813 deflated

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Contents of the C.DOC file

The following list of files are some very basic "C" source
code files and compiled and linked programs. They are only being
furnished so that novice "C" programers can see some basics and play
with some simple code. The programs have been written to use only
the STDIO library and should work on anything.

AMORTIZ1.C,2.C and 3.C are modules of AMORTIZE.EXE. They must be
compiled seperately and then linked. AMORTIZE.EXE will print on the
screen, an amortization allowing you to give the payment, or it will
figure the payment for you.

MENU.C, PYMT.C and INTEREST.C are identical to AMORTIZ1,2 and 3 plus
they will write the results to a disk file named AMORTIZE.TXT. The
finished program is AMORTPRIN.EXE.

PRINT.C and PRINTAB.C will both read an ASCII file and print it on
the printer. The difference between them is PRINTAB will strip
TAB characters and replace them with SPACES. The name of the file
you wish to print is furnished to the program on the same command
line that invokes the program.

BACKUP will read a file and copy it to a file with the same name,
but with the extension of .BAK .

Remember, these programs are being furnished to give interested
novice "C" programers something to play and learn with.

HAVE FUN!Paul J. Sumberg

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