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Turbo C source to read in selected floppy sectors into a file.
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Turbo C source to read in selected floppy sectors into a file.
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Contents of the README file

READFLOP is a very primitive way of reconstructing a file
from a damaged floppy disk. I wrote it for a friend who had
clobbered a file on a disk in such a way that the "normal"
undelete programs wouldn't work.

In order to use the program you first have to know the sectors
which contain the information you want to read. There are
several programs available which allow you to view the contents
of a disk on a sector by sector basis. Using one of
these programs locate the information on the disk and write a list
of sector numbers in the order they should be read.

READFLOP reads this information from a text file containing
one line for each sector that is to be read. Each line must
be in the following format:

DriveNumber TrackNumber SectorNumber SideNumber
One or more spaces between each of these four numbers.

DriveNumber should be either 0 for drive A or 1 for drive B.
(READFLOP only works for floppy disk drives.)

TrackNumber has a value from 0 to 39 for a 360K floppy,
0 to 79 for a 1.2M floppy.

SectorNumber ranges from 1 to 8 for a 360K floppy.

SideNumber is either 0 or 1.

READFLOP expects two arguments when it is run. The first is
the name of the file which contains this sector list. The
second is the name of the output file. This is the file which
will contain a copy of the sectors which are read.

Ken Brown

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