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Text Editor written in C.
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Text Editor written in C.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


This is a significantly enhanced version of the C editor
published in Dr. Dobb's Journal (Jan. 1982, No. 63 and May, 1983,
No. 79), originally written by Edward K. Ream and modified by
and adapted for the IBM PC and compatable computers by Alan D.
Howard. This is primarily a program editor as opposed to a word
processor. The program consists of several modules:


ED2.C ED3.C ED4.C ED5.C ED6.C ED7.C ED8.C ED9.C ED10.C



The source files are not heavily documented except for
modifications to the original editor. The user should consult
the original Dr. Dobb's issues for background information if
modification of the editor is to be undertaken. The major
enhancements to the editor since the two articles were published
include the following:

1. A macro buffer is now implemented for repetitive editing
tasks. Its use is initiated by pressing the minus key at the
right end of the keyboard. All keystrokes (commands) entered
will be recorded in the buffer (as well as being directly acted
upon) until the minus key is again pressed. The command-mode
command COUNT sets the number of times the macro is to be
repeated (default is once). The right-hand plus key is pressed
to cause replay of the macro. Replay is terminated by any of
several events, including: any keystroke being entered during
replay; reaching the end or beginning of the buffer, error
conditions, or attempts to replay file-oriented commands.
Conditions causing termination can be modified by adding or
deleting the function call sysabort() at appropriate locations.

2. Editing now is more felicitous when tabs are involved in
the source line. The left and right arrows space one literal
character (tabs at cursor position cause movement to next tab
stop), whereas the Alt- and Alt+ keystrokes cause virtual cursor
movement (by column). Editing when at a virtual column position
now produces less unexpected results. This portion of the code
in edins() and edchng() is new and may still contain hidden bugs.

3. Prompts for commands are indicated by a blinking ">".

4. Scrolling can either be continuous (Pg Up and Pg Dn) or
in 20-line units (Ctl Pg Up and Ctl Pg Dn).

5. A copy buffer is now provided to permit easy and, if
desired, repetitive copying of text lines to elsewhere in the
file. The beginning line for copy is marked (invisibly) by F7,
the end line by F8, and the block is moved to the copy buffer by
F9. The copy buffer is copied to before the current cursor line
by F10. The F7 and F8 keys and the current cursor line can also
be used with commands like DELETE and COPY to mark beginning and

ending lines for the commands. The copy buffer is also used by
the DELETE command to store the deleted lines (if they fit) to
allow recovery in case of unexpected results. The single-line
delete command (Del key) does not store the deleted line.

6. Insert and Edit modes are now nearly symmetrical in
their operation (many editing commands formerly were not
available during Insert Mode).

Edward Ream has subsequently modified his original editor by
making the main buffer virtual (like Wordstar, for example). See
Dr. Dobbs, #81 & #82. The virtual buffer was purposefully not
added to this version because of its main use as a program editor
and to retain the complete user control over the file read and
write names and actions.

The editor has been assembled using the C-Ware (DeSmet)
compiler. Use with other compilers may require modification or
substitution for library routine calls. In particular, the
function _move(length, source offset, destination offset) moves
length bytes from source to destination; _memory() returns a
pointer to the first available memory in the data segment (the
start of the main buffer); and _os(routine, argument) calls the
operating system. The screen interface module, ED11.A, is a
modified version of the routines PCIO.A supplied with the Desmet
(C ware) C compiler. The inclusion of this module is by
permission of C ware and Mark Desmet.

Have fun adding your own special features or modifying
existing features. Even if you currently have a more powerful
editor, the editing and buffer routines may be useful for other
applications, such as support for a digitizer.

This program is provided to the public domain as a service
to programmers. It may be freely copied and distributed with the
following restrictions:

1. Charges for reproduced copies should be limited to
cost (disks, postage and handling).

2. Any modifications to the program from the originally
distributed version should be clearly indicated, both in the
source code and the documentation. Any such modifications should
retain the genealogy of the program, both in the source code,
sign-on message, and documentation.

3. No commercial resale of the editor, in whole or in part,
in source code or in compiled versions of the source code, is
permitted without the written permission of the authors,
including E.K. Ream, Alan D. Howard, and Mark Desmet.

4. All documentation and notices supplied with the editor
should be included in reproduced versions.

5. In view of the fact that this editor is distributed
entirely without charge, all warranties are disclaimed. In
particular, the authors assume no responsibility that the program
will operate as documented. The program authors cannot be
responsible in any way for direct, indirect, or consequential
damages. Any and all risk associated with using the program, in
whole or in part, is the user's.


Edward K. Ream
1850 Summit Ave.
Madison, WI 53705

Alan D. Howard
Rt. 3, Box 680
Crozet, VA 22932

Mark Desmet
C Ware Corporation
P.O. Box 710097
San Jose, CA 95171-0097

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