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C source and example executables demonstrating screen scrolling.
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C source and example executables demonstrating screen scrolling.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is a simple scrolling demo I put together to show how a
person might be able to speed up drawing and use vertical clipping
at the same time.

It uses xlib version 6. The executable was made using a modified
version of page flip. I have removed all waiting loops in it. It
looks like with triplebuffering they arent needed. Also using the
vsync handler can really screw up things.

The vertical clipping is very simple, just draw a page that is
320x256 on a 320x240 and display the middle portion.

I figured since someone took the time to put together xlib I
could donate a little of my expirimentation.

** I have added a little modification, scroll2 is my simple way
of making a outrun type scrolling game. Tell me what you think.

Any optimizations are greatly welcomed!!

Any comments can be sent to me via in%"[email protected]"

Jay Kramer

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