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New release of PD GIF read/write C library with many utility programs. Now supports Borland BGI devices. Slow but very nice.
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New release of PD GIF read/write C library with many utility programs. Now supports Borland BGI devices. Slow but very nice.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BACKUP.BAT 89 78 deflated
BIN 0 0 stored
DUMMY 184 129 deflated
COMPILE.ME 5065 2239 deflated
DOC 0 0 stored
GENERAL.DOC 1280 638 deflated
GIF2BGI.DOC 3365 1556 deflated
GIF2EPSN.DOC 2444 1205 deflated
GIF2HERC.DOC 3512 1568 deflated
GIF2PS.DOC 1265 613 deflated
GIF2RLE.DOC 643 369 deflated
GIF2X11.DOC 959 519 deflated
GIFASM.DOC 1095 549 deflated
GIFBG.DOC 1768 841 deflated
GIFCLIP.DOC 1353 663 deflated
GIFCLRMP.DOC 999 505 deflated
GIFCOMB.DOC 1078 552 deflated
GIFFLIP.DOC 795 388 deflated
GIFHISTO.DOC 1497 715 deflated
GIFINTER.DOC 503 263 deflated
GIFINTO.DOC 916 468 deflated
GIFPOS.DOC 987 470 deflated
GIFRSIZE.DOC 765 362 deflated
GIFTEXT.DOC 1318 655 deflated
GIFWEDGE.DOC 734 405 deflated
GIF_LIB.DOC 18592 5384 deflated
LIBERROR.DOC 5320 1317 deflated
RAW2GIF.DOC 1119 570 deflated
RLE2GIF.DOC 900 499 deflated
TEXT2GIF.DOC 1833 886 deflated
DOS2UNIX 751 425 deflated
LIB 0 0 stored
DEV2GIF.C 16668 4094 deflated
DGIF_LIB.C 30188 6362 deflated
EGIF_LIB.C 27253 5909 deflated
GETARG.C 25555 6554 deflated
GETARG.H 1040 413 deflated
GIF_ERR.C 3968 1089 deflated
GIF_HASH.C 5581 1592 deflated
GIF_HASH.H 1487 577 deflated
GIF_LIB.H 7235 2048 deflated
MAKEFILE.TC 1449 736 deflated
MAKEFILE.UNX 1959 849 deflated
QUANTIZE.C 12813 3453 deflated
MAKE-IBM.BAT 74 42 deflated
MAKE-UNX 200 128 deflated
MANIFEST 3891 1150 deflated
PIC 0 0 stored
CHERYL.GIF 21504 21211 deflated
PORSCHE.GIF 6144 5544 deflated
SOLID2.GIF 18599 18499 deflated
README.1ST 3397 1613 deflated
TEST-IBM.BAT 2772 1027 deflated
TEST-UNX 2259 783 deflated
UPDATE.NEW 601 361 deflated
UTIL 0 0 stored
GIF2BGI.C 28203 7482 deflated
GIF2EPSN.C 20809 5988 deflated
GIF2HERC.C 35717 8994 deflated
GIF2IRIS.C 9030 2881 deflated
GIF2PS.C 12311 3723 deflated
GIF2RLE.C 8955 2885 deflated
GIF2X11.C 17612 5333 deflated
GIFASM.C 11409 2615 deflated
GIFBG.C 11674 3499 deflated
GIFCLIP.C 9149 2550 deflated
GIFCLRMP.C 9914 2777 deflated
GIFCOMB.C 12569 3385 deflated
GIFFLIP.C 12245 3173 deflated
GIFHISTO.C 9364 2907 deflated
GIFINTER.C 9816 2677 deflated
GIFINTO.C 5171 1826 deflated
GIFPOS.C 7320 2031 deflated
GIFRSIZE.C 12292 3448 deflated
GIFTEXT.C 14409 3391 deflated
GIFWEDGE.C 5807 1983 deflated
HERC2GIF.C 1068 366 deflated
MAKEFILE.TC 3874 1347 deflated
MAKEFILE.UNX 4603 1311 deflated
RAW2GIF.C 8473 2600 deflated
RLE2GIF.C 7546 2233 deflated
TEXT2GIF.C 16469 3752 deflated

Download File GIFLIB11.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

This is a package I wrote so that images can be generated as easy as
possible using GIF format. I needed such routines, and as I did not find
anything like this (at list not free) I decided to write one...
This package is FREE for non commercial usage. You can do whatever
you like with it provided you do not charge anything for it or for a program
that uses it. More then that, if you release the source for your program, the
source of this package you used should also be included (with my name on
it...). You may NOT charge money for the sources as well, in that case.
I am releasing the sources as lots of peoples expressed interest in
such a beast, on usenet, in the last few month.
I will NOT be hold responsible for any damage of any kind it may
cause you. Use it at your own risk.
I do not have color system, so my Hercules card displayed lots of
dithered images (using gif2herc utility) in the last few weeks, but obviously
this is not enough. I will be very happy to get any remark on this package.
Bugs or even bug fixes (do not send my diff's as I will probably change the
sources after they will be released, unless they are really simple), or new
utilities (please try to follow my coding standards) are all welcome.
In order to compile it, please read the file COMPILE.ME. I uses TC 2.0
so other compiler owners are on their own. The package has been ported to unix
machine on various platforms (see
You will find .\doc with documents on all the utilities and the library
Only one of the images on .\pic was actually generated by me -
solid2.gif, which is binary image rendered using a solid modeller I have
developed named IRIT. The other two were released to usenet few month ago.
I do not think so, but let me know if I violate anything here.
Few final remarks. While 'playing' with the GIF format, I found few
holes in it, or in some of its implementations:
1. There is no explicit way one can specify comments in images, which can be
extremely useful. I used one of the extensions block to implements that.
The problem is that some of the gif viewer I tested (no names) died on
extension block (!?), so I decided not to use them in any of the utilities
although the library do support it, and if you are going to use only it
you can safely use the comments calls. Any better solution?
2. Some viewer even ignore the fact that one GIF file can hold few images.
I consider this property extremely useful (some of the utilities actually
manipulate exactly that - gifasm for example), and fully support it. I
think that a failure of a view program (or any GIF manipulator) here,
should be considered a bug.
3. One problem in the GIF format, I dont have simple solution to: it is the
limit of only 8bits per color. The importance of bigger width, is not only
for higher image quality. One can save other pixel properties in addition,
such as coverage (alpha channel as it is called in the rle utah raster
toolkit). The only solution I can thing of, is to generate few GIF files
in parallel - one for the pixel color, and the other for coverage. The
coverage property is extremely useful for utilities such as gifbg - back
ground color generator, and which can be composed with the image using

have fun

[email protected]

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