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Source for LBR util in UNIX C.
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Source for LBR util in UNIX C.
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LAR(linus) UNIX Programmer's Manual LAR(linus)

LAR - CP/M lu compatible file archiver

lar key library [ file ... ]

Lar is a Unix program to manipulate CP/M LU format
libraries. The primary use of lar is to combine several
files together for upload/download to a personal computer.

Its actions are controlled by the _k_e_y argument. The _k_e_y is
a string of characters containing at most one function
letter and possibly one or more function modifiers. Other
arguments to the command are _f_i_l_e_s specifying which files
are to be dumped or restored.

The function portion of the key is specified by one of the
following letters:

u The named _f_i_l_e_s are added to the library.
e The named _f_i_l_e_s are extracted from the tape.
p Print files in library.
d Delete files in library.
r Reorganize library.
t The names of the specified files are listed each
time that they occur on the library. If no _f_i_l_e_s
argument is given, all the names on the tape are

The following characters may be used in addition to the
letter that selects the desired function:

v Normally, _L_a_r does its work silently. The v (ver-
bose) option causes it to type the name of each file
it treats, preceded by the function letter. With
the t function, v gives more information about the
library entries than just the name.
Invoking lar without arguments prints a help message.
The original CP/M library program LU is the product of Gary
P. Novosielski. Unix version by Stephen Hemminger, Mitre
Corp. Bedford MA.
Pathnames are stored in CP/M format (XXXXXXXX.XXX).
Lar tries to detect text files vs. binaries by checking for
non-Ascii (8th bit set) chars. If the file is text lar will
throw away Control-Z chars which CP/M puts on the end. All
files in the library are padded with Control-Z up to the end
to the CP/M sector size if necessary.

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LAR(linus) UNIX Programmer's Manual LAR(linus)

No effort is made to handle the difference between CP/M and
Unix end of line chars. CP/M uses Cr/Lf and Unix just uses
comhex(1), chek(1), cpmcat(1), crck(1), mkbin(1), sum(1),

Printed 2/13/84 2

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