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C Library Of Cursor Control Functions.
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C Library Of Cursor Control Functions.
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Contents of the SWEARS.DOC file

Here's the first release beta version of my "swears" curses-look-alike lib
for the pc environment. BUT I need help. This package is far from complete,
so why don't you try it with your Quick C compiler, and e-mail me some
Jim Dunn, [email protected]

* Swears *
* by Professor Von Ignatius Pseudo, E.K.C.P. *
* *
* Swears is a C add-on library giving you various windowing and utility *
* functions provided in unix curses. There's no termcap, but there IS *
* direct video screen writes with TRUE refresh functions! Use at your *
* own risk... *
* *
* This implementation of Swears is for the Microsoft Quick C language on *
* the IBM PC compatibles, based on the unix curses package. You'll need *
* the two files: SWEARS.H and SWEARS.LIB (renamed from SWEARS_x.LIB) and *
* these two files may be renamed to CURSES.H and CURSES.LIB if you like. *
* As usual, if you are having any problems, you might try a vacation... *
* *
* Swears is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, ENTIRELY free! You may use the Swears *
* library to create any program, either free or for sale, without paying *
* any royalty fees. You don't even have to display any sort of Swears *
* logo, copyright or info about Swears in your program, at all. Swears *
* is IdeaRighted (I) 1990 by ACME F.S.P.F. Please see attached document. *
* *
* Yes, this was another TEAM ATTACK project... *
* "I tried to get the team to work on it, but they attacked me !?!" *
* -Professor Von Ignatius Pseudo, E.K.C.P. *


swears - screen functions to emulate the unix curses library.



This will automatically include the stdio.h header file.


This version of curses for the pc is based upon a direct
screen write algorithm. No termcap is used, just arrays and
video memory writes. The original screen is saved, an image
of the screen is built in memory and that memory is written
to the screen each time the REFRESH() function is called.
The INITSCR() function MUST be used before any other of the
functions, and you MUST end with ENDWIN() before exiting.


addch(ch) add a character to stdscr
addstr(str) add a string to stdscr

box(win,vert,hor) draw a box around a window

cbreak() set cbreak mode
clear() clear stdscr
clearok(scr,boolf) set clear flag for scr
clrtobot() clear to bottom on stdscr
clrtoeol() clear to end of line on stdscr

delch() delete a character
deleteln() delete a line
delwin(win) delete win

echo() set echo mode
endwin() end window modes
erase() erase stdscr

flushok(win,boolf) set flush-on-refresh flag for win

getch() get a char through stdscr
getcap(name) get terminal capability name
getstr(str) get a string through stdscr
gettmode() get tty modes
getyx(win,y,x) get (y,x) co-ordinates

inch() get char at current (y,x) co-ordinates
initscr() initialize screens
insch(c) insert a char
insertln() insert a line

leaveok(win,boolf) set leave flag for win
longname(termbuf,name) get long name from termbuf

move(y,x) move to (y,x) on stdscr
actually move cursor
create a new window
nl() set newline mapping
nocbreak() unset cbreak mode
noecho() unset echo mode
nonl() unset newline mapping
noraw() unset raw mode

overlay(win1,win2) overlay win1 on win2
overwrite(win1,win2) overwrite win1 on top of win2

printf on stdscr

raw() set raw mode
refresh() make current screen look like stdscr
resetty() reset tty flags to stored value

savetty() stored current tty flags
scanw(fmt,arg1,arg2,...) scanf through stdscr
scroll(win) scroll win one line
scrollok(win,boolf) set scroll flag
setterm(name) set term variables for name
standend() end standout mode
standout() start standout mode
create a subwindow

touchline(win,y,sx,ex) mark line y sx through ex as changed
touchoverlap(win1,win2) mark overlap of win1 and win2 as changed
touchwin(win) change all of win

unctrl(ch) printable version of ch

waddch(win,ch) add char to win
waddstr(win,str) add string to win
wclear(win) clear win
wclrtobot(win) clear to bottom of win
wclrtoeol(win) clear to end of line on win
wdelch(win,c) delete char from win
wdeleteln(win) delete line from win
werase(win) erase win
wgetch(win) get a char through win
wgetstr(win,str) get a string through win
winch(win) get char at current (y,x) in win
winsch(win,c) insert char into win

winsertln(win) insert line into win
wmove(win,y,x) set current (y,x) co-ordinates on win
printf on win
wrefresh(win) make screen look like win
scanf through win
wstandend(win) end standout mode on win
wstandout(win) start standout mode on win


The following example shows how to compile a swears program.


by Jim Dunn, [email protected]

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