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What's that function do? this'll tell you.
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What’s that function do? this’ll tell you.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Newest news about the C_SM ANALYZE and MAINTENANCE package

The analyze utility included in this package is
version 2.0. It fixes some deficiencies in version 1.1
and adds some command options.

Version 1.1 included in its output two kinds of
declarations which were undesirable.

1) Forward or external function declarations were seen
as function calls.
2) Manifest constant definitions were seen as macros if
the value was contained in parenthesis.
ie: #define CONSTANT (-1)

Version 2.0 fixes both of these conditions.

Version 2.0 adds the following command options:
1) -m option to analyze the 'dependant files' in the
specified 'make' file.
2) -s option to print out the statistical analysis. This
was always printed in version 1.1.
3) -b option to print out any unbalanced conditions found.
This too was always printed in version 1.1

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