Dec 062017
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The C Relational Database Engine is a library of over 90 functions which support the creation, maintenance, and querying of single-user databases.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BENCH.MRK 2193 1045 deflated
CRDE.DOC 305374 78833 deflated
CRDE.H 5622 1343 deflated
CRDE.LIB 110184 42391 deflated
DATE.H 1403 509 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 3539 1469 deflated
READ.ME 3892 1796 deflated
SAMPLE.C 3782 1372 deflated
TEXPORT.C 3447 1105 deflated
TSTRUCT.C 1717 544 deflated
TVIEW.C 1620 526 deflated

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