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Source to the CAD graphics book by Lee Adams.
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Source to the CAD graphics book by Lee Adams.
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Contents of the GRAPHICS.DOC file

This file contains source code from the book:


(Windcrest Books,1988)

NOTE: Must use Turbo-C version 1.5 or greater
(or else buy his
other book that has assembly language code to add graphics
capability to your compiler).

t-1 Demos autoconfig of software at runtime
to match graphics hardware.

t-2 Draws a wire frame cube.

t-3 Draws a solid cube using plane equation
method of hidden surface removal.

t-4 Draws a solid 3D sphere.

t-5 Draws a solid 3D cylinder.

t-6 Draws Parametric curves in 3D.

t-7 Draws a solid 3D cube w/two-color design mapped onto it.

t-8 Draws a solid 3D cylinder w/two-color design mapped onto it.

t-9 Demonstrates the halftoning capabilities of VGA/EGA.

t-10 Computer-shades a 3D solid cube using plane equation +
halftone techniques.

t-11 Computer-shades a solid 3D sphere.

t-12 Computer-shades a solid 3D cylinder.

t-13 Demonstrates a mirror reflection of a computer-shaded cube.

t-14 Demo's hi-speed frame animation of a shaded 3D wire frame cube.

t-15 Rotates a simple cube using real-time animation.

t-16 CASE STUDY: demo's package design of a box.

t-17 CASE STUDY: simple flight simulator using real-time animation.

t-18 CASE STUDY: demo's soft drink can design.

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