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Enhanced directory change program with C source.
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Enhanced directory change program with C source.
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Contents of the CD.DOC file

This is a new and more complete version of CDD a now MEMORY resident enhanced
cd command. This program will perform all of the funtions of the DOS cd command
PLUS the following enhancements.

Unqualified search for directories accross drives: i.e. "cd mc" will find all
occurences of mc on the specified search drives. It will then list them
numerically and ask you to choose 1..x.

Uses set command that AW uses so not to require additional environment space.
set awdisk=c:;d:;e:;...

This minimal doc file.

This code is not free. It is shareware with no charge until the next release
which will use less ram and have built in help etc....

Please let us know what you think

IMPORTANT do not run cd.exe without running TD first.....
Your system will lock up if you do.....
This will be fixed the next version.

Bruce L. Enzer
comp 71260,2162

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