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Norton's Guide Database for CXL Version 5.1.
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Norton’s Guide Database for CXL Version 5.1.
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Norton Guides Database for the CXL Function Library - Release 5.1

by: Rob Jones 09/30/89
9917 Sorrel Ave.
Lakeside, Ca. 92040

This Norton Guides Database for the CXL Function Library follows the layout
utilized by Dzung C. Ha of Irvine, CA, the maker of the 5.0 library's guide.
My thanks to him for his work.

I must admit to taking some liberties in this edition, though. I deviated
from Dzung's order in which the function descriptions are presented. Instead,
I chose to follow the order (and grouping) outlined in the CXL Quick
Reference that accompanies the CXL documentation. My apologies, Dzung!

Also, I have always found it useful to have the include (*.h) files
available when using function libraries. So, I have added the eight include
files from CXL as another item on the 'Appendix' menu. (Note that due to the
12000 character limit to long entries found in the Norton Guides, I was forced
to split the reference for CXLWIN.H into two entries).

Hope you all find this useful. It sure beats programming with the manual
in your lap!


come on, are you kidding????????????

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