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Multicolor MSC borders C programs, heavily commented, beginning programmers.
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Multicolor MSC borders C programs, heavily commented, beginning programmers.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

This is one of a series of heavily commented examples designed to help the
beginning programmer understand C coding. I'm sure those of you who are new
programmers have shared my feelings of frustration in finding examples of
very useful coded functions but with insufficent commenting to allow the
code to be fully understandable. These examples should help you, as they
have helped me, to understand the purpose of each line of code.

While there may be other, more sophisticated, code that accomplishes the
results shown here, the beginning programmer must walk before he can run.
These files are examples of walking.

This is shareware. Redistributing this program as incentive to buy or for
profit, without prior written consent of the author, is forbidden. A $5.00
registration fee is requested if you find this of use. Please send to:

Jim Mendel 13967 Marquesas Way #29 Marina del Rey, Ca 90292

Your response to this offering, by your registering, will determine if there
is a need for more of this type code examples. If you like it, and learn
from it, please register.

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