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File compare and change-bar for text files with C source.
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File compare and change-bar for text files with C source.
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Contents of the DIFF_COM.DOC file

to make DIFF.COM.....

- MSC diff /Ox;
- LINK diff;
- SM diff.exe [Realia's SpaceMaker Utility]

Note minor changes in source code from that published in Dr. Dobbs J.
Aug '87.....see enclosed source listing /pats@Psi!

Text File Differencer and Change Barrer

DIFF [option{option}] newfile oldfile [barfile]

newfile = latest revision of text file
oldfile = baseline to compare against
barfile = output file if changebars are desired

/BAR_COL=n Column of output file in which change bar will appear
default = 78

/TOP_SKIP=n Lines at top of page to skip for running heads & page nos.
default = 0

/BOT_SKIP=n Lines to skip at page bottom for running foots and page nos.
default = 0

/PAGE_LEN=n Lines per page (embedded formfeeds overrride)
default = 2500

/UP_CASE Upper/Lower case is significant/is not significant
/NOUP_CASE default

/RE_SYNC=n Lines that must match before files are considered synced
after differences are found - default = 5

/OUTPUT=file File to redirect differences summary to.
default = SYS$OUTPUT or console.

/BLANKS Blank lines are considered significant
/NOBLANKS default

/LOOKAHEAD=n Lines to look ahead in each file to resync after difference
default = 200

/SKIP1=n Pages in NEWFILE to skip before compare. Also sets /SKIP2
default = 0

/SKIP2=n Pages in OLDFILE to skip before compare. Must be after /SKIP1
default = 0

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