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The Screen Navigator is an object-oriented device-independent character graphics driver package written in the C++ language. Full source code is included.
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The Screen Navigator is an object-oriented device-independent character graphics driver package written in the C++ language. Full source code is included.
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DEMO2.HPP 5340 2084 deflated
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DEMO3.HPP 1786 849 deflated
ISO.COM 5228 3489 deflated
MAKEFILE 506 153 deflated
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NOTATION.PRN 42260 10786 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 4670 1430 deflated
SNAV.PRN 51556 13534 deflated
SNAV0.CPP 8757 2776 deflated
SNAV0.HPP 10031 3180 deflated
SNAV1.CPP 12300 3818 deflated
SNAV1.HPP 4707 2035 deflated
SNAV2.CPP 21790 6091 deflated
SNAV2.HPP 17465 5436 deflated
SNAV3.CPP 7041 2646 deflated
SNAVLIB.MAK 372 125 deflated
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Contents of the COPYRIGH.TXT file



(software foundation)

> BEN > Software Engineering Method

10 Dov-Hoz st. Tel-Aviv 63416 Israel tel. 972-3-221535

The Screen NAVigator, ver 1.10 March 1990
Copyright (c) 1989 by Avner Ben

The Screen Navigator is an object-oriented device-independent
character-graphics driver package, written in the C++ language,
distributed as C++ source code. For technical information refer to
the documentation files.


The Screen NAVigator software package (henceforth "SNAV"), consists of
the files of characters whose names are listed in the file
"contents.prn". These files are originally distributed compressed into
an archive file, for example named "snav11.exe". The following
specifies the conditions for holding, distributing and using both the
whole of the package, and each of these files alone.

The right to hold and distribute.

SNAV is "Shareware". No matter if you have payed for SNAV or not, you
are free to keep a copy of SNAV, and distribute other copies among
your friend and colleagues, as long as each copy is kept in the
complete original form, and neither the whole package nor any file in
it is modified in any way, and as long as money is not charged for
that, that is, that you do not sell SNAV. You are free to print the
source and documentation files for your private use. All these
activities are permitted even without registering your copy.

BBS operators and Software Interest Groups may charge handling fee for
distribution, but not more than $10. They are allowed to change the
archiving method, but provided all the files are included, complete
and unchanged. The text displayed by the archiving software while
self-extracting may not be omitted. If the BBS operator wishes to
place his/her logo in there, it may only be added, not replacing the
original text.

The duty to register.

You must register one or more copies of SNAV, If you intend (or has
already started) to compile SNAV, either in the distribution form or
modified, in order to incorporate the object-code in any useful
software. By "useful software" is meant here any software that is
implemented either in-house or on a client's computer, regardless of
the fee charged for that, if any. This includes games, software
instruction, and utility programs, as well, even if these are held
in-house and free of charge. You need not register SNAV (though
you still may), if your usage amounts to exercises and experiment-
ation, having no permanent result, subject to the next paragraph.

You also must register SNAV if you continue compiling it or having any
other use for it, for more than 30 days after obtaining the first
copy, even if you do not intend to use it commercially. That is, you
are given 30 days to evaluate the product non-commercially.

You should register each copy that may be in simultaneous use. For
example, If you employ three developers, and each may be using a copy
of SNAV or part of it, either on the same or on different project,
then you must register three copies. However, if you are the only
developer, and you modify SNAV for use in various projects, you should
register one copy.

Once a copy of SNAV is registered, you are allowed to modify the
various source files to fit your specific needs, terminology or
standards, provided that each file retains the original filename and
the copyright notice in its beginning. If you wish to change
filenames or split files, then each spawned file must bear my
copyright notice, followed by a description of its origin, the exact
modifications, and the individuals responsible for them.

Modified copies of SNAV may not be distributed, other than for
internal software-project management purposes, and provided each copy
has been registered.

Holding SNAV, however obtained, for more than 30 days, implies
acceptance of the terms above.

Registering should be done using the form printed from the file

Registration applies only to using the code in software development.
The resulting compiled commercial applications are not subject to
royalties, registration or copy-protection of any kind, by SNAV.

Avner Ben,
13 Apr 90.
original written 26 Nov 89.

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