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Lattice/Datalight C IBM graphics.
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Lattice/Datalight C IBM graphics.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALTM.PEM 3 3 stored
BIOS.C 3584 960 deflated
BIOS.H 1280 414 deflated
CG227-0I.002 256 5 deflated
EGA.C 3200 977 deflated
EGA.H 1152 350 deflated
EGAA.ASM 6400 1493 deflated
GRAF.C 16000 3992 deflated
GRAF.H 1152 337 deflated
GRAF.S 1408 595 deflated
GRAF.TXT 42752 11429 deflated
GRAPHICS.H 1408 547 deflated
HERC.C 3712 1346 deflated
HERC.H 1408 372 deflated
HERCA.ASM 4352 1247 deflated
LINKL.BAT 256 150 deflated
README.DOC 1920 756 deflated
TEST.C 768 368 deflated
TEST.EXE 28032 14719 deflated
TESTEGA.C 512 255 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

*---------------- readme.doc ------------------------ Mar, 31. 1987 --------*
Sorry, I ran out of space on the distribution disc. So I there
are no librarys on the disk, but all object files. You may construct
the librarys yourself using your library manager (f. e. OML or LIB).

There are two poor example program included on the disk. The one .EXE
file is compiled for the EGA hardware.


Naming rules:
All low-level names consist of 4 characters module name, one underline
and an compiler specification.
This specification consist of two characters manufacter code and one
memory model code.
The high-level names use a video-device id instead of the underline at
character position 5.

Compiler manufacter code:
l3 - Lattice C Compiler Version 3.xx (tested with 3.0)
d3 - Dataligth C Compiler Version 2.xx (tested with 2.23)

Memory model code:
See your compiler manual!

Video-device id's:
e - EGA
b - BIOS
h - Hercules monochrome graphics card


Sorry to all Dataligth C user's: The assembly language routines currently
support only the Lattice macros. The will support Dataligth macros in the near
future, but I had to set a breakpoint in development. So they are currently
not supported, and I couldn't include the Lattice macros due to copyrigth


The compete documentation is included as nroff source file in "GRAF.S" and
as pure ASCII-text in the file "GRAF.TXT".

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