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MNP transfer Protocol in software verision 1.2 with C source.
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MNP transfer Protocol in software verision 1.2 with C source.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASYNC.ASM 6049 1849 deflated
BLDC.BAT 441 179 deflated
BLDLIB 106 82 deflated
FCSCALC.ASM 1529 619 deflated
LLVL.H 3783 1318 deflated
MNP.LIB 14433 7668 deflated
MNPC.DOC 16857 4286 deflated
MNPDAT.H 7817 2426 deflated
MNPDRVR.C 21767 6279 deflated
MNPEVENT.C 1562 477 deflated
MNPINTRF.C 11308 3207 deflated
MNPLLVL.C 26113 6836 deflated
MNPMISC.C 3311 814 deflated
PORTIO.ASM 1795 516 deflated
README.DOC 1540 770 deflated
SETPAR.ASM 1649 650 deflated
SUSPEND.ASM 1520 609 deflated
TESTC.SAV 3246 1257 deflated
TIMER.ASM 4712 1446 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

April 16, 1987

Microcom MNP Library
(Microsoft C Version)

This diskette contains code and documentation for an IBM
PC/compatible implementation of Class 2 of the MNP link
protocol. This is suitable for use with a Microsoft C
application using the small code/small data model.
See the programmer's manual, in file 'mnpc.doc', for
further details.

These files are in the public domain and may be copied,
distributed, etc. Note, however, that these materials are
made available by Microcom, Inc., on an 'as is' basis and,
while it is believed that the code here is a correct
implementation, Microcom does not warrant them to be error-
free or suitable for any particular purpose.

The files are as follows:

mnpc.doc - programmer's guide to the MNP library

bldc.bat - batch file which builds the MNP object
library, 'mnp.lib', from the source files
on this diskette (Note: Microsoft C
compiler, Macro Assembler and librarian
are required)

mnp.lib - MNP object library

*.c/*.asm - MNP source files

testc.c - a sample program - a simple terminal
emulator. Note that this program uses
routines from the Blaise C Async Manager and
Microsoft C Version 5.0, neither of which are

Direct questions and report problems to

Gregory Pearson
Microcom, Inc.
15303 Ventura Blvd, Suite 900
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
FAX (818)986-4212

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