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The Turbo C C++ TEGL graphics library toolkit. This is an idential implementation to the Turbo Pascal kit. A great way to get into GUI's.
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The Turbo C C++ TEGL graphics library toolkit. This is an idential implementation to the Turbo Pascal kit. A great way to get into GUI’s.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


Differences.................... 1
Documentation.................. 1
SVGA........................... 1
Fonts.......................... 1
F I L E S supplies............ 1
I N S T A L L.................. 2
LIST program................... 2
Integrated environment......... 2
Memory use..................... 2
BGI drivers.................... 3
Miscellaneous.................. 3


You have received the Introductory Package of the TEGL Windows
Toolkit II for Turbo C V 2.0.

Most of the files in this package are in a compressed form. The
installation program extracts the files onto your hard disk.

This package is designed to let you really try out most of the
features of the Toolkit without having to buy it.

You may create and evaluate programs using this Introductory
Package but you may not sell or distribute them. To do that you
must purchase a commercial version. You may, however, distribute
the COMPLETE set of files in this package provided no charge is
made other than a nominal charge for copying.

DIFFERENCES between the Intro Pack and the Commercial Version
Here is a list of differences between the Intro Pack and the
Commercial Version.

Intro Pack Commercial

* 7 fonts * 27 fonts
* available ram * EMM and virtual memory
* no source code * complete source code
including assembly language
* cannot distribute * no royalties, can freely
programs distribute your programs

The documentation provided on the disk is the same as what is
provided with the commercial version. If you decide to order
the commercial version then you won't have to print out a new
copy. These following items in the documentation are not in the
Introductory Package:

* Only the icon editor is provided, not the icon library
management programs.
* Chapter on Virtual Memory. Only the heap management routines
are included.
* SVGA800x600x16 - this graphics mode not provided.
* Only the fonts font07, font09, font14, future, oenglish, pc24
and pc9 are supplied.

FILES supplied in this package
iconedit exe - icon editor program (see chapter 3)
install exe - installtion program for hard drive (see below)
readme txt - you know what this is
list com - a text file viewer
samprogs zip - program examples
tegl exe - demo program
tegldoc zip - documentation
tegldisk.prn - the manual
printdoc.bat - batch file to print the manual
order.doc - order form for toolkit / games
toolkit.doc - more info on the toolkit
teglinfo.doc - info on the company
teglprt.exe - page printer program

README - 1 -

teglsys zip - all thats required to start programming GUI style
teglsys.lib - contains all the code ready to go,
including fonts and icons.
teglsys.h - header file for library

The install program provided is used as follows:

install d:[path]

'd:' is the drive to install to. Path is optional, if you do not
specify one the install program will provide a default.

Run the install program with no options on the command line and it
will display its USAGE, the default path and other options.

The install program must be run from the distribution diskette.

LIST filename
A file viewer for any text file.

COMPILING with the integrated environment.
Since graphics programs require so much memory it is unlikely that
you will be able to run a complex program from within the
environment but many programs can be compiled and linked within it.

Your 'prj' file should have the following included in it


Options that need to be set:

LARGE memory model

Alignment BYTE

Linker option - Graphics Library (ON)


Graphics images require a lot of memory to process. The toolkit
will grab all memory at startup. To reserve memory for your own
use you can either allocate it before calling either easytegl or
teglinit, or specify how much memory to leave alone (see function
easytegl in tegleasy.c) or use the memory management routines in
the toolkit (virtmem.c).

The following example leaves 30K of memory untouched for your
use (and the standard library routines).


README - 2 -

#include "teglsys.h"


Keep in mind that a program designed to run on varying memory
configurations should check to see if there is going to be enough
left for the window manager. The window manager needs 1.5 x largest
frame to work.

If you use easytegl as the startup call then 30000 bytes are
automatically set aside for your use.

BGI Drivers

The BGI drivers are not included in the teglsys.lib. You must
either specifically link them in or have the BGI driver available.
If not the program will display "SetGraphicMode Error".

Programs supplied in EXE format have been compressed with a
public domain utility call LZEXE. This program is available
on many bulletin boards and compuserve.

README - 3 -

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