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C Source code from volume 2 of Graphics Gems.
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C Source code from volume 2 of Graphics Gems.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GEMSII 0 0 stored
BITCOUNT 0 0 stored
BIT32.C 2017 851 deflated
TEST.C 3586 1155 deflated
C_FORMAT.C 10433 3089 deflated
DITHER 0 0 stored
DITHER.3 3814 1525 deflated
DITHER.C 8227 2509 deflated
FASTUPDA.C 914 419 deflated
GGVECLIB.C 10906 2709 deflated
GRAPHICS.H 4104 1520 deflated
HILBERT.C 3153 1047 deflated
HOT.C 10597 4013 deflated
INTERPHO.C 5120 1875 deflated
INTERSEC 0 0 stored
INTSPH.C 1773 627 deflated
INTTOR.C 3801 1355 deflated
INVERSE.C 5187 1141 deflated
INV_CMAP 0 0 stored
INV_CMAP.3 1782 866 deflated
INV_CMAP.C 19930 5347 deflated
NOISE3.C 5015 1775 deflated
PEANO 0 0 stored
MAIN.C 3239 1317 deflated
MAKEFILE 284 165 deflated
MAPPLY.C 2002 741 deflated
PEANO.C 3984 1284 deflated
TYPES.H 1084 543 deflated
QUANTIZE.C 12064 3982 deflated
RADIOSIT 0 0 stored
DRAW.C 1146 523 deflated
RAD.C 13323 4080 deflated
RAD.H 3610 1358 deflated
README 1032 579 deflated
ROOM.C 7778 2506 deflated
RAN_RAMP.C 6844 2397 deflated
RAYCPHDR.C 3087 1264 deflated
README 3703 1585 deflated
REALPIXE 0 0 stored
COLOR.C 5918 1886 deflated
COLOR.H 3065 1212 deflated
COLROPS.C 3999 1135 deflated
HEADER.C 3826 1636 deflated
RASTERFI.H 1992 907 deflated
RA_PR24.C 4294 1546 deflated
RESOLU.C 1106 515 deflated
ROTATE.C 2640 886 deflated
ROTATE8X.C 1811 742 deflated
SPARSE.C 9046 1510 deflated
VECTOR.H 3682 1265 deflated
VIEWCORR 0 0 stored
MATRIX.C 4669 1375 deflated
MATRIX.H 149 103 deflated
VIEWCORR.C 9221 2397 deflated
VIEWCORR.H 1016 476 deflated
VIEWFIND.C 5402 1377 deflated
VOXELCAC.C 3320 1131 deflated
XLINES.C 4836 1676 deflated

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Contents of the README file

The source is Copyright (c) 1990-1991 by Apple Computer, Inc. You may not use
it in anything for which you charge money, beyond reasonable fees to cover
duplication and handling. If you give your software away, feel free to use
this source.

The source is the implementation of a gem, "Implementing Progressive Radiosity
with User-Provided Polygon Display Routines," that I wrote for Graphics Gems II.
A hard copy of the source can be found in Appendix II of Graphics Gems II.
The source included here is a newer version than the one in the book
and should replace it. For more details on the source and radiosity methods,
please refer to the book.

No warranties expressed, implied, or even hinted at.

The source is written in ANSI C and is C++ friendly (you can include the
.h files in C++ programs).

Please send bug reports and/or enhancements to the author "[email protected]".
I would also like to hear any system that you have ported the source to.
However, please don't ask me for technical support on the source.

C Code From Graphics Gems II, Academic Press, Inc.

This is a list of the files and directories containing the C code for Graphics Gems II.
They are listed in order of their appearance in the book. Beside each file name is the
Gem number, author's name, and Gem title to help you find what you're looking for.
Unfortunately, not all of the code listed in the appendix of the book is here (for various
reasons). The missing ones will be added as they turn up. Changes will be listed at the
bottom of this file.

File or Gem
Directory Number Author and Title of Gem
--------- ------ -----------------------

xlines.c I.2 Mukesh Prasad, "Intersection of Line Segments"

Peano/ I.7 Ken Musgrave, "A Peano Curve Generation Algorithm"

Hilbert.c I.8 Douglas Voorhies, "Space-Filling Curves and a Measure of Coherence"

dither/ II.3 Spencer W. Thomas and Rod G. Bogart, "Color Dithering"

RealPixels/ II.5 Greg Ward, "Real Pixels"

rotate8x8.c II.6 Sue-Ken Yap, "A fast 90-Degree Bitmap Rotator"

inv_cmap/ III.1 Spencer W. Thomas, "Efficient Inverse Color Map Computation"

quantizer.c III.2 Xiaolin Wu, "Efficient Statistical Computations for Optimal Color Quantization"

ran_ramp.c III.3 Ken Musgrave, "A Random Color Map Animation Algorithm"

hot.c III.6 Dave Martindale and Alan Paeth, "Television Color Encoding and 'Hot' Broadcast Colors"

viewcorr/ IV.5 Rod G. Bogart, "View Correlation"

InterPhong.c IV.9 Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and Daniel Thanmann, "InterPhong Shading"

RayCPhdron.c V.1 Eric Haines, "Fast Ray-Convex Polyhedron Intersection"

intersect/ V.2 Joseph M. Cychosz, "Intersecting a Ray with an Elliptical Torus"

VoxelCache.c V.6 Andrew Pearce, "A Recursive Voxel Cache for Ray Tracing"

radiosity/ VI.1 Eric Chen, "Implementing Progressive Radiosity
README with User-Provided Polygon Display Routines"

FastUpdate.c VI.3 Filippo Tampieri, "Fast Vertex Radiosity Update"

inverse.c VII.5 Kevin Wu, "Fast Matrix Inversion"

rotate.c VII.7 James Arvo, "Random Rotation Matrices"

sparse.c VII.8 James Arvo, "Classifying Small Sparse Matrices"

BitCounting/ VIII.3 Alan W. Paeth and David Schilling, "Of Integers, Fields, and Bit Counting"

noise3.c VIII.10 Greg Ward, "A Recursive Implementation of the Perlin Noise Function"

Additional header files and utilities

GraphicsGems.h Andrew Glassner

GGVecLib.c Andrew Glassner

vector.h Steve Hollasch, "Useful C Macros for Vector Operations"

c_format.c Dale Schumacher, "A PostScript typesetting program for C source code"


10/02/91 Added ran_ramp.c, rotate8x8.c, inverse.c, VoxelCache.c, and Peano directory.
10/09/91 Added dither and inv_cmap directories.
11/05/91 Updated quantizer.c and sparse.c

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