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A programming example showing you how to make system calls for novell 3.x. In C.
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A programming example showing you how to make system calls for novell 3.x. In C.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONNOPEN.C 10696 3107 deflated
CONNOPEN.DOC 3055 903 deflated
CONVPATH.DOC 917 300 deflated
CUSEFILE.C 6055 1960 deflated
CUSEFILE.DOC 3176 889 deflated
GETDRENT.DOC 1402 448 deflated
GETOBDSK.C 4990 1497 deflated
GETOBDSK.DOC 1055 352 deflated
MAPPATH.DOC 1207 432 deflated
NWSYS.C 3399 1137 deflated
NWSYS.H 508 233 deflated
README.1ST 1213 579 deflated
SEMAINFO.C 4768 1604 deflated
SEMAINFO.DOC 1663 436 deflated
VOLNAME.DOC 1044 372 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Same System Calls for NetWare 3.x
Last Update: 09/16/92

This readme file accompanies some example source which shows how to make
3.x system calls for NetWare. These calls are considered to be in a
pre-release state. One additional note, incompatabilities have been
found when these calls are used with older NetWare Shells and/or older
versions of IPX. Please make sure your are using at least the 3.26
NetWare shell as well as version 3.10 of dedicated IPX or version 1.20
of IPX ODI. Currently, the following files are included in this zip:

README.1ST - This file
NWSYS.C - Some helper routines (F2 interface)
NWSYS.H - Header file with prototypes for helper APIs
CONNOPEN.C - Example of GetOpenFilesByConnection
SEMAINFO.C - Example of GetSemaphoreInformation
GETOBDSK.C - Example of GetObjectDiskUsageAndRestriction
CUSEFILE.c - Example of GetConnectionsUsingFile
*.DOC - Documentation of all calls included in the

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