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Update to EMX, the 32 bit C compiler for DOS and OS/2. Now supports PM programming (barely). Version .8C. Uses the newer GCC 2.1, but doesn't yet include C++ support. (1 of 5).
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Update to EMX, the 32 bit C compiler for DOS and OS/2. Now supports PM programming (barely). Version .8C. Uses the newer GCC 2.1, but doesn’t yet include C++ support. (1 of 5).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EMX 0 0 stored
BIN 0 0 stored
BIND.BAT 34 31 deflated
BIND.CMD 34 31 deflated
EMX.EXE 33247 16607 deflated
EMXBIND.EXE 40964 16697 deflated
EMXD.EXE 44644 24412 deflated
EMXL.EXE 1539 630 deflated
UPDA.EXE 24580 8759 deflated
UPDT.EXE 20484 7685 deflated
DLL 0 0 stored
EMX.DLL 22605 11954 deflated
DOC 0 0 stored
COPYING.EMX 1874 727 deflated
DEVELOP.DOC 103233 26915 deflated
EMXBIND.DOC 4049 502 deflated
FUTURE.DOC 1120 506 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 9139 3640 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 4441 1579 deflated
README.DOC 5352 2023 deflated
USER.DOC 10733 3416 deflated
INCLUDE 0 0 stored
ALLOCA.H 92 74 deflated
AR.H 351 183 deflated
ASSERT.H 251 162 deflated
CTYPE.H 1324 426 deflated
DIRENT.H 703 289 deflated
DOS.H 1182 349 deflated
ERRNO.H 1421 508 deflated
FCNTL.H 102 84 deflated
FLOAT.H 1232 363 deflated
GETOPT.H 817 360 deflated
IO.H 1526 498 deflated
LIMITS.H 706 251 deflated
MAKEFILE.MAK 215 152 deflated
MATH.H 1104 350 deflated
MEMORY.H 691 240 deflated
OS2.H 60591 12839 deflated
PROCESS.H 1534 331 deflated
PWD.H 467 196 deflated
SETJMP.H 284 167 deflated
SGTTY.H 40 37 deflated
SIGNAL.H 106 86 deflated
STDARG.H 512 248 deflated
STDDEF.H 292 158 deflated
STDIO.H 4209 1113 deflated
STDLIB.H 3960 1223 deflated
STRING.H 1844 390 deflated
STRINGS.H 379 187 deflated
SYS 0 0 stored
DIR.H 1521 532 deflated
DIRENT.H 967 373 deflated
EMX.H 6803 2116 deflated
FCNTL.H 890 359 deflated
FILE.H 107 91 deflated
IOCTL.H 369 177 deflated
PARAM.H 355 150 deflated
PTRACE.H 552 234 deflated
REG.H 543 229 deflated
RESOURCE.H 32 32 stored
SIGNAL.H 1122 498 deflated
STAT.H 991 407 deflated
TERMIO.H 3401 869 deflated
TIME.H 337 188 deflated
TIMEB.H 365 199 deflated
TIMES.H 281 146 deflated
TYPES.H 578 194 deflated
USER.H 830 281 deflated
UTIME.H 414 200 deflated
TERMIO.H 106 86 deflated
TIME.H 1321 438 deflated
UNISTD.H 477 190 deflated
VARARGS.H 559 244 deflated
LIB 0 0 stored
BINMODE.O 91 53 deflated
CRT0.O 1170 540 deflated
LIBC.A 99124 34223 deflated
LIBG.A 76 49 deflated
LIBGCC.A 902 387 deflated
LIBOS2.A 30142 5535 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

readme.doc emx 0.8c INTRODUCTION 08-Apr-1992

*** See history.doc for important information ***

Welcome to emx, a common environment for creating 32-bit programs for OS/2 2.0
and MS-DOS. You can use the GNU C compiler to compile programs for emx. The
main design goal of emx is to simplify porting Unix software.

The emx package includes:

- emx.dll dynamic link library for OS/2 2.0

- emx.exe DOS extender for running 32-bit programs under MS-DOS

- emxbind.exe for creating .exe files which work both under OS/2 2.0 and

- C header files and a nearly complete C library with source

Additionally, the following GNU programs are available compiled and with
patches and sources (note that these files are not part of emx):

- gcc 2.1, the GNU C compiler

- gas 1.38.1, the GNU assembler

- gdb 4.4, the GNU debugger

- ld, the GNU linker

- ar, nm, size, strip, objdump: some GNU utilities for dealing with binary

- Patches for the GNU sources

- Patched source for gcc, gas, gdb, ld, ar, nm, size, strip, objdump. You can
compile all these programs with the files that come with emx (but you also
need a make utility, such as NMAKE). Due to space restrictions on ftp
servers (or diskettes), the patched sources may be missing -- you can
rebuild them from the original GNU sources (available from
or and the patches.

You can get the complete GNU sources by anonymous ftp from
and other archives, for instance

emx is packaged in the following files: Development system (w/o compiler) C library source Test programs (used for testing emx and the library)

Compiled GNU programs, patches and patched sources: GNU development tools compiled for emx Patches for GNU sources Documentation for gcc and gdb (texinfo) Patched GNU sources (ld, ar, nm, size, strip, objdump, termcap)

Due to space restrictions on ftp servers, the following patched GNU source
files may be missing -- you can rebuild them from the original GNU sources
(available from and the patches contained in Patched GNU sources (gcc 2.1, part 1) Patched GNU sources (gcc 2.1, part 2) Patched GNU sources (gcc 2.1, part 3) Patched GNU sources (gas 1.38.1) Patched GNU sources (gdb 4.4)

You'll find further information in the following files:

\emx\doc\install.doc Installation guide
\emx\doc\develop.doc Application developer's guide
\emx\doc\user.doc User's guide
\emx\doc\build.doc Compiling the GNU sources
\emx\doc\history.doc Change log
\emx\doc\future.doc Things to do
\emx\doc\emxbind.doc A diagram showing the .exe file format
\emx\doc\copying.emx emx & library license
\emx\doc\copying GNU General Public License

The texinfo source for the gcc and gdb manuals is contained in Use
GNU makeinfo to create info files for on-line help. Use TeX to print the
manual. Of course, I recommend emTeX (available for anonymous ftp from, directory soft/tex/machines/pc/emtex). The
following instructions assume that you're using emTeX. To compile the gcc
manual, type

cd \emx\gnu\gcc-2.1
tex386 gcc
tex386 gcc

To compile the gdb manual, type

cd \emx\gnu\gdb-4.4
set texinput=%texinput%;..\readline
tex386 refcard <- Reference card
tex386 gdb-all <- User's guide
tex386 gdb-all
tex386 gdbint <- gdb internals
tex386 gdbint

NO WARRANTY: No guarantee is made as to the proper functioning of the
software. No liability will be admitted for damage resulting from using the

Instead of a list: All the trademarks used in this document and all the other
emx documents are registered to whoever it is that owns them.

emx is available for anonymous ftp on
[] in the directory soft/os2/emx. It seems to be also available

An emx-related mailing list has been created. The address for people to
request to be added or removed from the list is:

[email protected]

The author of emx is

Eberhard Mattes
Teckstrasse 81 (TeX: Teckstra\ss e)
D-7141 Moeglingen (TeX: M\"oglingen)

Internet: m[email protected] (subject to change)

No telephone calls please! It must be stressed that the author does not reply
to letters if you don't include return postage (international postal reply
coupon for those outside Germany) and a self-addressed envelope.

--------------------------- END OF README.DOC ------------------------------

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