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ASM and C routines to bypass and improve upon DOS's "Abort, Retry, Fail" error handler.
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ASM and C routines to bypass and improve upon DOS’s “Abort, Retry, Fail” error handler.
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Contents of the TABLES.TXT file

Table 1. Stack Contents on Entry to Critical Error Handler

SP Offset

+00h IP DOS return address and flags
+02h CS an IRET from here will go to DOS
+04h flags

+06h AX your applications registers
+08h BX
+0ah CX
+0ch DX
+0eh SI
+10h DI
+12h BP
+14h DS
+16h ES

+18h IP your application return address
+1ah CS
+1ch flags

Table 2. Error Codes in DI

0 Write-protected disk
1 Unknown unit (invalid drive number)
2 Drive not ready (door open or no disk)
3 Unknown command (request not supported by device driver)
4 CRC error
5 Bad request structure length
6 Seek error (could not access requested track)
7 Unknown media (unrecognized disk format)
8 Sector not found
9 Printer out of paper
10 Device write error
11 Device read error
12 General error

Table 3. Disk Error Operation and Area Data in AH

AH Bits

2 1 0
x x 0 Read Operation
x x 1 Write Operation
0 0 x Error occurred in DOS system file area
0 1 x Error occurred in FAT area
1 0 x Error occurred in Directory area
1 1 x Error occurred in Data area

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