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Debugger for Turbo C.
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Debugger for Turbo C.
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Contents of the TBUG.DOC file

For those of you (like myself) who aren't C experts, here are a few notes
on the use of TBUG.

To incorporate the debugger into your code just include the line:

debug_init ();

It can be most anywhere in the code, but Gary Mellor (the author) suggests
putting the line near the beginning of the program.

I used the command line version with the following parameters to include the
debugger in HELLO.C. This assumes that you've set up the directory structure
as recommended in the TurboC manual. If you've used different names for the
include and lib subdirectories, make the appropriate changes in the following
command line:

C:\TURBOC>tcc -y -ms -M -I.\include -L.\lib hello tbug.obj

If you want to make any changes to the debugger, recompile it to .OBJ with
the following line:

C:\TURBOC>tcc -y -ms -c -I.\include -L.\lib tbug

Your new version of TBUG.OBJ will then be ready for use.

Larry Fogg - Micro Cornucopia

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