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High Speed EGA and VGA graphics routines with ASM and C source code.
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High Speed EGA and VGA graphics routines with ASM and C source code.
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CLIPLINE.C 1442 558 deflated
EGAFORT.H 1736 298 deflated
EGAGRA.ASM 32347 5762 deflated
EGAGRA.DOC 10427 3852 deflated
EGATEST.C 3088 971 deflated
ELLIPSE.C 3455 915 deflated
GRAFEX1.C 1213 639 deflated
GRAFEX2.C 1303 529 deflated
INTEST.ASM 574 259 deflated
MACROS.AH 891 301 deflated
MOVERM.C 2214 733 deflated
MOVERS.C 1811 691 deflated
READ.ME 1946 953 deflated
SLUGS.FOR 4084 1425 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This is a very simple graphics package for the EGA and VGA. It draws the
basic primitives of lines, ellipses, filled rectangles, filled ellipses,
and text (two sizes and user defined). It is written to get the ultimate
in high speed possible while drawing in the set/reset mode. It can be
called from Microsoft C and Fortran, or any language including assembler
which follows their calling conventions.
Here is a list of the included files:

CLIPLINE C Source code for clipped line routine.
EGAFORT H Header file for subroutine prototypes for Fortran.
EGAGRA ASM The main graphics package source.
EGAGRA DOC Documentation.
EGATEST C A test program to verify correct compilation.
ELLIPSE C Source code for ellipse drawers.
GRAFEX1 C Example program that draws a star.
GRAFEX2 C Example program that uses user-defined patterns.
INTEST ASM Assembler subroutine for SLUGS.FOR
MACROS AH Header file for EGAGRA.ASM which defines memory model.
MOVERM C Example program for plane masking.
MOVERS C Example program for page swapping and plane masking.
SLUGS FOR Example program in Fortran whose results look nice.

Some of the code in this package is patterned after that of U.E.Kruse of
the U. of I. Physics department. The grafex1 demo program generates
essentially the same pattern as the one of the same name in the package
by Scott Snyder of caltech recently posted on the net. The macros.ah
is also from his package.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This package is a minor update to that created by J. D. McDonald. I have
added VGA (16-line character) support to EGAGRA.ASM, as function xlettr
(per his proposal in the description of slettr and llettr), and a run-time
parameter to the example code MOVERM.C which permits the user to set the
video mode.

Greg Young, 09-30-91 CompuServe 72651,764

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