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IDC's 'C' library for data compression (shareware version).
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IDC’s ‘C’ library for data compression (shareware version).
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Contents of the INSTALL.DOC file

The TesSeRact Programmer's Power Pak

Installation Supplement

Copyright 1987-91, Innovative Data Concepts, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Innovative Data Concepts, Inc.
122 North York Road
Suite 5
Hatboro, PA 19040
Voice: 1-215-443-9705
Orders: 1-800-926-4551
FAX: 1-215-443-9753

Installation of the Power Pak is easy. Put Disk #1 in your A: or B: drive,
and type [A|B]:INSTALL . The installation program will copy the
files to your hard drive, extract the source code, and auxiliary files, and
then build your selected libraries.

Please see DOC\COMPILE.DOC and BIN\BLDPOWER.D for compilation instructions.

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