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A hot new novell developer's library to lots of novell specific application development. For C programmers only (BC, MSC, TC). Small module library is only included.
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A hot new novell developer’s library to lots of novell specific application development. For C programmers only (BC, MSC, TC). Small module library is only included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BCNWARES.LIB 45568 14973 deflated
BINDERY.H 2411 556 deflated
CONNECT.H 1020 377 deflated
DIRECT.H 3560 890 deflated
ENCRYPT.H 268 137 deflated
EXAMPLES.EXE 19496 19209 deflated
FILE.H 614 275 deflated
GENERAL.H 590 273 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 5870 1472 deflated
IPXSPX.H 4929 1125 deflated
MESSAGE.H 976 275 deflated
MSNWARES.LIB 36485 13390 deflated
NETWARE.H 5379 1684 deflated
NETWARE.TXT 262683 43809 deflated
NWCALL.H 364 167 deflated
ORDER.TXT 1690 458 deflated
PRINT.H 1914 603 deflated
QUEUE.H 217 128 deflated
README.TXT 1889 769 deflated
SERVER.H 4252 1347 deflated
SYNC.H 543 215 deflated
TCNWARES.LIB 40960 13940 deflated
WSTATION.H 1496 535 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Netware C Library version 2.3

This is a library containing routines to access Novell Netware service
calls from Microsoft C v6.00, Turbo C v2.00 and Borland C++ v2.00.

Contacting the author

The author (Adrian Cunnelly) can be contacted by e-mail at:
internet: [email protected]
compuserve: 100031,222

The following files are contained in this release

MSNWARES.LIB - Microsoft C v6.00 Small Model Library
TCNWARES.LIB - Turbo C v2.00 Small Model Library
BCNWARES.LIB - Borland C++ v2.00 Small Model Library
NETWARE.H - Header file containing typedefs etc.
BINDERY.H - Prototypes for bindery service calls
CONNECT.H - Prototypes for connection service calls
DIRECT.H - Prototypes for directory service calls
ENCRYPT.H - Prototypes for password encryption calls
FILE.H - Prototypes for file service calls
GENERAL.H - Prototypes for general/global functions
IPXSPX.H - Prototypes for IPX and SPX communication services
MESSAGE.H - Prototypes for message service calls
NWCALL.H - Prototypes for calling Netware services
PRINT.H - Prototypes for print service calls
QUEUE.H - Prototypes for Netware Queue Management calls
SYNC.H - Prototypes for synchronisation service calls
SERVER.H - Prototypes for file server service calls
WSTATION.H - Prototypes for workstation service calls
NETWARE.TXT - Netware function reference manual
HISTORY.TXT - History of changes made to the library
ORDER.TXT - Registration/Order form
README.TXT - This File

EXAMPLES.EXE - Self extracting archive containing some example C code,
using some of the available library functions.

Source code

This is available for a small fee, see NETWARE.TXT and ORDER.TXT.

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