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A popup language referance for Turbo C 2.0.
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A popup language referance for Turbo C 2.0.
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(C) Copyright 1987 by Michael E. Platt
(C) Copyright 1987 by PLATTWARE
All Rights Reserved

A resident Turbo C library reference


- released: 08-12-87
- for IBM PC, PS\2 & compatibles
- requires 44K
- written totally in Assembly Language

Getting Started

To load the program type TCREF. will bring up an index of function
names. The arrow, , , , and can be used to
select the function to view. will exit to previous screen or exit the
program. Hitting will maintain your place within the program.

You may copy and distribute this program freely, provided that:

1) No fee is charged for such copying and distribution, and
2) It is distributed ONLY in its original, unmodified state.

If you like this program, and find it of use, then your contribution of
$15.00 will be appreciated.

13223 Black Mountain Road Ste. 1, Dept 305
San Diego, CA 92129

Acknowledgements: Turbo C is a trademark of Borland International.

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