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C source for manuplating PCX graphic files.
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C source for manuplating PCX graphic files.
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DEMOS.ZIP 57158 54524 deflated
MAKEFILE 1559 499 deflated
PCX.LIB 11776 4737 deflated
PCX.MAP 629 221 deflated
PCXLIB.DOC 7323 2468 deflated
PCXLIB.H 4435 1329 deflated
README 1039 500 deflated
SRC_C.ZIP 6799 6470 deflated
VESA.H 3743 1037 deflated
VIDEOF.LIB 26112 10454 deflated
VIDLIB.H 7631 2233 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This is version 1.5 of my pcx library. It should contain the following

videof.lib : pcx.c pcx1.c pcx4.c pcx8.c : testpcx.exe showpcx.exe pcxhdr.exe showpal.exe
testpcx.c showpcx.c scancode.h pcxhdr.c showpal.c

Dave Boynton
26 January, 1992
Update history:
1.5 - Implemented functions for writing to pcx files.
- Implemented VESA support.
- Added 16 bit and monochrome functions (but didn't test them).
- Added a palette display demo program, 'showpal'.

1.1 - Fixed debugging to be useful. The Start_pcxdebug() and
Close_pcxdebug() functions can be called several times during a
given program now; the start function will append if the file
was previously opened and closed.
- Fixed memory allocation problem.

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