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A Turbo C library with basic window, database, sound, etc. No src.
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A Turbo C library with basic window, database, sound, etc. No src.
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ARG.H 45 41 deflated
BUILD.BAT 331 185 deflated
BUILTINS.MAK 182 112 deflated
CF.H 365 195 deflated
DATE.H 313 143 deflated
DB.H 1299 457 deflated
DB.LIB 6144 2685 deflated
DEMO1.C 12149 3396 deflated
DEMO2.C 393 281 deflated
HEADER 2886 1478 deflated
IFC.H 109 49 deflated
KB.H 2941 970 deflated
KSLIB.DOC 16672 5404 deflated
MAKEFILE 202 92 deflated
MISC.H 37 36 deflated
MN.H 555 286 deflated
MUSIC.H 211 143 deflated
PR.H 100 70 deflated
RANDOM.H 41 38 deflated
README 1546 782 deflated
SC.H 264 141 deflated
STDINC.H 1036 466 deflated
TL.LIB 13824 5957 deflated
TURBOC.CFG 86 59 deflated
WN.H 1082 430 deflated
WN.LIB 12288 5836 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This is a collection of libraries designed to make the Turbo-C programmer's
life a bit easier. There are 3 libraries - WN, DB, and TL. These are
described in KSLIB.DOC, along with registration information.

I use Turbo-C from the command line only, and use BUILD.BAT to compile
everything. I have the Turbo-C executeables in c:\langs\turboc, and keep
all my header files in c:\kev\c\include. My libraries are in c:\kev\c\lib.
BUILD.BAT is in c:\batch. TURBOC.CFG and BUILTINS.MAK are in c:\langs\tc.
My path is set to : c:\batch;c:\bin;c:\dos.

BUILD.BAT appends c:\langs\tc to the path, then executes MAKE to compile
everything, then restores the old path.

BUILTINS.MAK has a couple of standard dependancies (clean, .c.obj, and
.asm.obj), and sets the default memory model to 'l'.

TURBOC.CFG simply tells Turbo-C where to find everything, and sets up the
standard command line options.

For me, this is the simplest system, as it keeps my path size down, and lets
me use a standard, small makefile in every development directory. However,
if your system is different, you should still be able to compile the demos
without moving anything. Simply type 'make demo1', 'make demo2' or
'make default' to make both demos.

Basically, everyone probably has a different setup, so simply put the header
files and libraries where your compiler and linker can get at them, do what
you need to do with the configuration and batch files (ditch them or use them
or whatever), and make it all in the normal manner.

Have fun.

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