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C screen routines in assembly.
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C screen routines in assembly.
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Contents of the C_TEXT.DOC file

C_TEXT is a library of assembler functions that can be used by "C".
The library was origionally written for Micrsoft C Version 4.0, but
all the source code is included so that you can re-compile using
your complier. The object code library is called TEXT.LIB.

The included functions are:

1. CLEAR(attribute) - Attribute should be an integer. Clears the screen
to the defined color attribute. Does not move the cursor to (0,0).

2. GOTO_XY(x,y) - X and Y are integers. Moves the text cursor to row X
and column Y.

3. PUT_COLOR_STR(string,attribute) - String is a pointer to a string and
attribute is an integer. Prints the pointed to string on the screen
in the color defined by attribute. Prints at the current cursor location.

4. CURSOR_ON() - Turns the text cursor on.

5. CURSOR_OFF() - Turns the text cursor off.

6. P_TIME(time_string) - Time_string is a pointer to a string. Returns
the system time in time_string. Ex. 12:20:45 a.m. This function
was written in C.

7. DRAW_BOX(x,y,h,w,attribute) - All parameters are integers. Draws a
double line box on the screen. Upper left corner will be (x,y), width
will be w, height will be h, and color will be defined by attribute.

8. DRAW_S_BOX(x,y,w,h,attribute) - Same as DRAW_BOX except it draws a
single line box.

9. CLEAR_SECTION(x1,y1,x2,y2,attribute) - All parameters are integer.
Clears the defined section of the screen to the color defined by
attribute. (x1,y1) is the upper left corner and (x2,y2) is the lower
right corner of the area.

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