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GNU Smalltalk Version 1.1.1 Object Oriented Programming Language from the Free Software Foundation. Highly portable C source code.
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GNU Smalltalk Version 1.1.1 Object Oriented Programming Language from the Free Software Foundation. Highly portable C source code.
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Contents of the README file

GNU Smalltalk version 1.1.1
by Steve Byrne

The files in this directory and its subdirectories constitute the complete
source code for GNU Smalltalk. The files are organized as follows:

.The source files, both .st (Smalltalk) and C files
configVarious supported platforms
contribContributed software
examplesSome working example Smalltalk files
testRegression testing files
stixSmallTalk Interface to X

About GNU Smalltalk

GNU Smalltalk attempts to be a reasonably faithful implementation of
Smalltalk-80 as described in the "Blue Book", also know as "Smalltalk-80, the
Language and its Implementation", by Adele Goldberg and David Robson. The
syntax that the language accepts and the byte codes that the virtual machine
interprets are exactly as they appear in the Blue Book. Most of the primitives
are the same as well, although due to the differing nature of the
implementation some of the primitives haven't been implemented, and other new
ones have been.

The current implementation has the following features:

* Incremental garbage collector
* Binary image save capability
* C-callout (allows Smalltalk to invoke user-written C code and pass
parameters to it)
* GNU Emacs editing mode
* Highly portable C code implementation
* Optional byte code compilation tracing and byte code execution tracing
* Automatically loaded per-user initialization files

Installing GNU Smalltalk

Please see the file mst.texinfo which contains the information on how to
install GNU Smalltalk, and general documentation about the features of
the system.


To report bugs or suggestions (or even offer assistance 🙂 ), send mail
to [email protected]. Bugs reported here will be echoed to the
gnu.smalltalk.bug newsgroup.

Differences from release 1.1: Primarily, the differences consist of bug fixes
to various things. Some of the bugs fixed include:
display depth in stix
readline character pushback
duplicated code in mstcomp (timing code)
duplicated code in Makefile
couldn't make subclasses of Set and Dictionary
indexOfSubcollection: was doing bogus things
Collection>>detect: wasn't returning proper value
Point and Rectangle didn't have #= and #hash methods
Float #storeOn: was recursive
Integer #gcd: returned wrong value
#False ifFalse: didn't return block's value
processes were getting trashed around GC's
Manual updated with better instructions for using readline
Manual cross references (info node links) fixed
Manual indentations fixed
st.el requires shell mode now
st.el doesn't refer to ~/mst
String had two fileName methods

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