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Libraries for IRIT sources.
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Libraries for IRIT sources.
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GRAPHBGI.DOC 533 302 deflated

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Contents of the ALLOC15.DOC file

ALLOC15.LIB was constructed from the dynamic allocation routines of Turbo C
Ver. 1.5. Turbo C version 1.5 size overhead per allocation is smaller than of
Turbo C 2.0 but is slower. If you prefer speed use Turbo C 2.0 routines. If you
prefer space, use Turbo C 1.5 routines, by constructing the library.
In order to construct the library, 4 routines should be extracted fro cl.lib in
Turbo C ver. 1.5: malloc, free, fmalloc and ffree using tlib, from the cl.lib
library, and combined together, again using tlib, to form the alloc15.lib
Warnings for duplicate labels in alloc15.lib and cl.lib will probably be issued
and should be ignored.
As described above, you dont have to you it. If you decide not to, simply
delete alloc15.lib from your '.prj' file, and the regular malloc functions
(from cl.lib) will be linked instead.

The listing of the library as result from tlib follows:

Publics by module

FFREE size = 574

FMALLOC size = 377
__Allocp _farmalloc

FREE size = 18

MALLOC size = 19

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