Dec 082017
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A_SOLVER (Algebraic Equation Solver) can be used to create any program from a simple expression parser to a more sophisticated file based mini-interpreter. OBJ suitable for linking with C. Plenty of C examples.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASOLVER.DOC 15422 3960 deflated
ASOLVER.H 292 142 deflated
ASOLVER.OBJ 7459 3803 deflated
EX1.C 1798 641 deflated
EX1.EXE 29872 18747 deflated
EX2.C 1941 693 deflated
EX3.C 3453 1022 deflated
EX4.C 2563 877 deflated
TEST2A.DAT 99 59 deflated
TEST2B.DAT 676 317 deflated
TEST3A.DAT 256 163 deflated
TEST3B.DAT 402 211 deflated
TEST4.DAT 386 211 deflated

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