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This is a C library that makes mouse and graphics code easy.
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This is a C library that makes mouse and graphics code easy.
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DEMO.C 7913 2687 deflated
DEMO.EXE 102461 49782 deflated
MAGIC.2 60347 12959 deflated
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MAGIC.H 2561 739 deflated
MAGIC.LIB 206848 90865 deflated
MAGIC.TXT 52674 11175 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1854 485 deflated
README.1ST 1137 560 deflated
TUTOR.2 53341 15661 deflated
TUTOR.DOC 61009 17276 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to C Magic

You might want to start by looking at our demo program,
DEMO.EXE. You can run it from the DOS prompt, then examine
it's source code (DEMO.C). The demo shows a few of the
things you can do with C Magic. DEMO.EXE requires VGA
graphics, but if you have Hercules, CGA or EGA, simply
recompile DEMO.C and it will work with your system!

If you are new to C programming, you'll want to read the file
TUTOR.DOC. If you are an experienced C programmer, reference
material is in the file MAGIC.TXT.

You must use LARGE memory model with C MAGIC.

MAGIC.LIB and GRAPHICS.LIB (supplied by Borland) must be in
the appropriate directories on your hard disk and in your
project list. GRAPHICS.LIB must be in your project even if
you are using only text mode, since the MAGIC library depends
on it. See TUTOR.DOC if you are not familiar with
"projects." (It's easy to do!)

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