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Checks printer status, "C" source.
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Checks printer status, “C” source.
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Contents of the PRTCHECK.DOC file

PRTCHECK.EXE - Printer status check

David A. Bartmess [70003,4346] CIS

This program is issued to the Public Domain and is not to be sold or
bought for any price. I programmed this for my own personal use, and,
by the use of this program in any way, the user does not hold me or
my constituents liable for any damage caused by the use of, or the
media used to convey, this program.

Now that the legalities are done (it's called Cover Your A**), I just
want to say that I did this small program for my own benefit, but I
realized that others could get some use out of it. So I'm turning it
over to the public domain, and hope I will get word as to how you like
it. It's simple, and short, and ever so handy, especially when your
printer is out-of-sight from your desk, or you forget to turn it on
before re-booting. Also, it allows easy access to the printer commands,
and is nice to use in an autoexec.bat for pre-setup when booting.

To specify a printer other than LPT1, add -Pn after the program name,
where n is the printer port.

To set up your printer at the same time, just add the codes in decimal
form the program name and any printer port assignment, as shown
below. This program uses the Epson (tm) status codes, and may not work
with all other printers. See Appendix A for instructions on how to modify
the program with a compiler or a hex file editor.

PRTCHECK -P2 27 50 27 80 27 120 1

sets the printer at LPT2 to 6 lines per inch (27 50), pica letter
type (27 80), and letter-quality (27 120 1).

Appendix A

The file offsets for the three conditions are as follows:

Hex Decimal Condition
2a7 679 Off-line
2ac 684 Out of paper
2b1 689 Power not on

The statuses in the source are modified by changing the values for the
#define statements for the respective condition and re-compiling with
MS C or compatible (with possible minor changes).

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