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Program to extract function declarations from C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAKEPRO.BAT 84 60 deflated
MKPROTO.C 15200 4587 deflated
MKPROTO.COM 12832 7956 deflated
PROTOGEN.COM 16211 16171 deflated
README.1ST 724 426 deflated
TPCREAD.ME.HTML 294 221 deflated


Download File C_PROTO.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file


This file includes "protogen.com" as found! It includes the original files
compressed under lharc.

The other files are a modified version of the original files.

NOTE: Some file names have NOT been changed so extracting protogen.com
in the same directory may overwrite new versions.

The new version was compiled with TurboC 2.01 using the makepro.bat.

The new version features:

1. Improved "Usage()".

2. Default to "ANSI" compilers.

3. "Modern" function declaration.

4. Main() declared at the end of the source file.

5. Optimized for speed.

CAUTION: The new files may be "broken" for Non-PC applications.

L.B. Neal
PYSMATIC BBS (415)969-4159
Sunnyvale, CA

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