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C Routines that are useful for making software more virus proof.
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C Routines that are useful for making software more virus proof.
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Contents of the CVIRPROT.DOC file

Date: 4 Jun 90 03:13:27 GMT
From: [email protected]
Subject: CVIRPROT.ZIP - Virus resistance for C language programs
Summary: Help C programs resist viruses

This archive contains several programs designed to make C
programs virus resistant. The programs do not actually stop
virus infection, but will alert the user that such an event has
occurred. The technique works by embedding CRC or checksum
values into the executable file. When the user program is
started, it checks itself against the CRC values embedded when
the file was first compiled to see if any changes have been
made. The program is a faster revision of the version published
in PC Magazine, Aug. 1989 (and includes a correction for a bug
in that version).

These programs have been compiled under Turbo C 2.0 and MSC
5.1. They have not been tested with other compilers.

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