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INFO-Zip's Freeware Unzip Utility for Windows - C Source Code.
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INFO-Zip’s Freeware Unzip Utility for Windows – C Source Code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABOUT.C 759 360 deflated
ABOUT.DLG 1523 573 deflated
ACTION.C 5625 1986 deflated
CHDIR.C 5138 1424 deflated
CHDIR.DLG 1153 459 deflated
CHDIR.H 205 92 deflated
FILEDLG.C 5636 1250 deflated
FILEDLG.DLG 1290 453 deflated
FILEDLG.H 179 85 deflated
FILE_IO.C 24538 6631 deflated
HELP.CUR 326 162 deflated
HELPICON.BMP 178 117 deflated
HELPIDS.H 1372 412 deflated
KBDPROC.C 2237 918 deflated
MAPNAME.C 13184 4097 deflated
MATCH.C 5937 1802 deflated
MISC.C 18113 6517 deflated
READ.ME 1776 929 deflated
REPLACE.C 1390 632 deflated
REPLACE.DLG 675 294 deflated
REPLACE.H 162 70 deflated
SIZEWNDW.C 4844 1626 deflated
STATUS.C 21775 6292 deflated
STDIO.C 432 214 deflated
UNIMPLOD.C 9600 2659 deflated
UNREDUCE.C 5248 1366 deflated
UNSHRINK.C 4608 1297 deflated
UNZIP.C 70329 17081 deflated
UNZIP.H 30899 8421 deflated
UNZIPPED.ICO 766 211 deflated
UPDATELB.C 3748 1443 deflated
WINIT.C 3200 1027 deflated
WIZUNZIP.C 11305 3625 deflated
WIZUNZIP.DEF 2103 816 deflated
WIZUNZIP.H 8415 3062 deflated
WIZUNZIP.HPJ 610 367 deflated
WIZUNZIP.ICO 766 170 deflated
WIZUNZIP.MK 2546 964 deflated
WIZUNZIP.RC 2539 765 deflated
WIZUNZIP.RTF 56935 13312 deflated
WNDPROC.C 23035 6063 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Apr. 26, 1992

Windows Info-ZIP Unzip, Version 1.1

This is Version 1.1 of WizUnzip, a Microsoft Windows version
of Info-ZIP's unzip. WizUnzip lets you extract, test, and browse
ZIP archives under Windows 3.0.

To install WizUnzip, copy both WIZUNZIP.EXE and WIZUNZIP.HLP to your
Windows directory or to a directory on your PATH. You're then
ready to try out WizUnzip.

You may start up WizUnzip using any of the usual Windows methods:
from the File Manager Run command, from your favorite desktop manager,
or by associating the .ZIP suffix with WizUnzip (my favorite), etc.

The help file is pretty thorough, so I haven't provided you a text
file as documentation. You may browse the help file either through
WizUnzip or by typing "winhelp wizunzip.hlp" while under Windows.
If you're familiar with Windows and DOS-based unzippers, I feel
you'll be comfortable with WizUnzip and will be able to put it to
use right away. If you get stuck, there's plenty of context help.

The source to version 1.1 of WizUnzip is on the Internet host, (, as "info-zip/Windows/"

I have corrected the one bug reported since version 1.0:
when the "Translate LF to CR,LF" option was enabled, WizUnzip often
corrupted output. Since this feature typically wasn't used
and the error was accompanied by a CRC error, most users weren't
inconvenienced. I have renamed the option "Translate CR,LF
to LF" in accordance with its true purpose. It works fine now.

WizUnzip is non-profit. It's not shareware. It's free.

Happy unzipping!
Robert Heath

Internet: [email protected]
CompuServe: 71600,437

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