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Windows in turbo c.
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Windows in turbo c.
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WINDDEMO.PRJ 65 56 deflated
WINDH.LIB 19968 8624 deflated
WINDL.LIB 18432 8510 deflated
WINDM.LIB 17408 8134 deflated
WINDOW.H 5882 1962 deflated
WINDS.LIB 16896 8050 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Window Routine's for Turbo C
(C)opywrite 1987 by Daniel R. Evans

Programs that you write using these window routine's may be, used,
given away, or sold without a fee of any kind. You may not sell (except for
reasonable duplication fees) these routines as part of or as any kind of
window or screen package. These routines may be copied and distributed as long
as all the files are included in the distribution.

WINDH.LIB Library files for all models except TINY
WINDOW.H Header file of window definitions
WINDDEMO.EXE Demo and tutor executable file
WINDDEMO.C Source code for demo
WINDDEMO.PRJ Project file for winddemo
READ.ME This file

Documentation for the window routines is in the winddemo execute file.
Run this file, study the source code winddemo.c and the include file
window.h. You should not have any trouble writing your own routines.
Remember you must include the window.h file and link with wind?.obj and
turbo C's MCMVSMEM.obj. ENJOY!
D.R. Evans

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