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Companion to CXL51-1 and CXL51-2 extended C library functions.
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Companion to CXL51-1 and CXL51-2 extended C library functions.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Screen and Form Designer
Version 2.0

Copyright (c) Kamran Bayegan
1501 Broadway, Suite 2002
New York, NY 10036

This tool is intended to be a supplement to your CXL library and
to help you design screens and forms that are completely compatible
with this library, regardless of the compiler or memory model you
are using. The program will generate C code you can use in your own
program (a file that will automatically be given a .C extension), and
an environment file (which will automatically be given an .ENV
extension) which can be loaded again for editing.

SFD can be started with several switches as follows:

SFD [-switches] [-f]
-c To eliminate CGA snow
-m To force monochrome attributes
-b To use BIOS

is the full name of the environment file you wish to
load. Please notice that the -f switch must be the last switch on
the command line. All switches after that will be ignored.

If you forget these switches just type "SFD ?" and you will see them

The program is so easy and intuitive that it does not need any
explanations. The only assumption made is that you are familiar with
the CXL library. If you find this utility useful, please use the form
at the end of this file to register. This will help me spend more time
improving it and will entitle you to future versions at special
discount prices.

Following is the menu hierarchy of SFD and some brief notes, where

Initially, you can use arrows to move around the screen. Once you
have windows (as many as your memory allows) you can navigate
through windows using PgUp and PgDn.

WINDOW - CREATE Makes a 1x1 window at current cursor location.
SHADOW Provides shadow in the color of your choice.



TITLE - TEXT Make sure your title text is not wider than
your window; otherwise, it will just be

SCRIPT Allows you to add static text to any window in
ANY color you want. Once you are finished, this
text will be saved in a file that will later
be loaded by your program. Use this option to
design the static parts of your forms.

FIELD ADD It is assumed that you are familiar with the field
definition parameters of the CXL library. If
not, please refer to the CXL manual. The only
new thing you have to define here is the "Type"
of the field, which can be "S" for strings of
any length (1 for character), "M" for mixed
upper and lower strings, "N" for numeric and
"D" for date. These will just make the rest
of definitions easier.

PROGRAM This is the heart of the system. It generates code
which you can mix into your program and it
automatically creates an environment file (with the
same name and an .ENV extension) that can later be
loaded and edited.



NAME _________________________________________________________
COMPANY _________________________________________________________
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________
CITY _________________________________________________________
STATE ____________________________ ZIP CODE ___________________

COMMENTS _________________________________________________________

Registration Fee @ $15.00 $ _______________

Shipping outside U.S. @ $5.00 $ _______________

TOTAL $ _______________

Send to: Kamran Bayegan
1501 Broadway, Suite 2002
New York, NY 10036

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